Jesus’ Mom

Today at playgroup, the game Joseph was playing with two other boys was getting a bit rough, and I was monitoring to see when I’d have to intervene, while trying to respect their need to play. However, when Joseph ran over a little girl with his tricycle (it was an accident, but still). I stepped in right away. I ordered him off his bike, marched/dragged him when he refused to walk over to the little girl with her mom, and made him apologize. I let him go play again, but I noticed it was quiet in the room. I questioned myself, thinking their silence was an indication I was out of line. Was I too forceful? Was I mean? How was my tone? Was it too much to ask of a 3-year-old to go apologize and expect him to be more careful next time? Continue reading


My Week: Work, Potlucks and Friends (and soup!)

I officially wrapped up editing my last photography session of the year! I delivered it to my client last week, and I definitely let out a sigh of relief. Trying to work on the side (even if it’s only 5-10 hours a week) is an awful lot of work when I’m a mom full time. Even though this was my most successful year  and I had a lot of fun, I think I will take 2018 (and possibly longer) off from trying to work. We don’t need the money, and I’m hopeful that I can find other less consuming hobbies to give me a creative outlet. Like this blog for example! I hope I can spend more time here. I’d like to include details about my life that I might otherwise forget!

And food. My whole life revolves around food these days! For the past two months or so, every week I’ve made a menu for our family. It started out in an attempt to help my son out of his picky eating by documenting foods he would try, and coming up with new creative meals and snacks that might spark his interest. But I became hooked! Menu planning has helped with grocery lists, creating variety, and documenting successes (and failures!). Not to mention sanity in my day: I know what we will be eating tonight. Needless to say, there will be food pictures here.

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A Couple More Soups, and Thankfulness

I was really pleased when I got big response when I asked my Facebook friends for tried and true soup recipes. I’ve been on a soup-kick lately, but in a world where Pinterest makes EVERYTHING look amazing (when really it’s not), I wanted some legit recipes that people have tried. In total, there are 17 recommendations!   Continue reading

Constantly Learning

For our morning adventure, today we headed to an unofficial indoor playground run out of a church basement, Halifax Metro Vineyard Church. I like this one because it’s cheap ($2.50 a kid), has equipment meant for preschoolers, lots of toys and a “racetrack” for cars and trikes. The racetrack is Joseph’s favorite feature, and he really looks forward to riding around, often doing it for the full hour and a bit that we are there. However, because he enjoys the bikes so much and because he tends to veer on the more “intense” side of emotions, if someone messes with his bike, he doesn’t respond favourably. Last week, he got off the bike to play with something and another kid was getting on. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he went over and shoved the kid, who then fell. Of course, this same kid had a cast on his arm. I was furious. I pried his fingers from the bike, strong armed him kicking and screaming (Elizabeth too, not kicking and screaming) to the snack room where we took a little time out and ate a snack. He gathered himself together, and was able to enjoy the rest of his time, but episodes like that give me a lot of anxiety. When he doesn’t respond well, I feel myself losing control. Control of not only the situation, but also of my emotions. Needless to say, I dread situations that lead him to freak out, because I’m not confident in my abilities to navigate it in a healthy way. So I will avoid places that have led us to negative experiences before. Continue reading

Classic Chicken Noodle Soup & Levelling Up

I’m on a soup kick these days, which is kind of funny because I think this is the first time I can ever say that. In fact, I think I’ve only made 2 soups in my whole life! Maybe it’s the descent into colder weather, or the desire to have a more nutritious and filling lunch, but I crave it! A soup and a sandwich is perfection to me right now. Continue reading

The Art of Being a Homemaker

Recently, I think I’ve come to the decision to be a full-time homemaker. Potentially permanently. Without any side-hustles. No photography business. Nothing. Just being at home, making house. I mean, at least until all the kids are in school. Even then, I don’t think I will work full time. Just enough to do something during the day, but to be home for mornings and dinner preparation. Continue reading

Career Mom

Ever since I started university, and even continuing on into motherhood, I’ve often agonized over the question of what career I will find myself in. This isn’t new. If anyone scrolled through this blog they would find numerous posts that reference how this question has plagued me. I’ve felt restless about it in the past, as if I am in a hurry to figure out how to work 40 hours a week for the next 40 years. As if finding out what I’m meant to do to earn money will fill some kind of hole in me. As if all the puzzle pieces will finally fit together. As if it will finally help me achieve happiness.  Continue reading