What I’m Reading: Divine Renovation From a Maintenance to a Missional Parish

When we moved back to  Halifax in May, we moved in down the street from the largest Catholic parish in eastern Canada. My first time attending mass there was on a Tuesday morning during the week. Saint Benedict’s has a large physical space in the sanctuary, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it relatively full during a weekday mass. It was announced that there would be a coffee social in the lobby afterwards. That’s odd; usually those things are only sparsely attended on Sundays. Even more odd was when I couldn’t even make it out to said coffee social because so many old ladies kept stopping me to chat because they noticed I was new. What?! Catholics reaching out to me because I’m a new parishioner?! And old ladies are doing this?! I have never felt so welcomed and excited to be part of a parish community. I knew they must be doing something right.

Fr James

Well, Saint Benedict’s has this amazing parish community largely because my parish priest is pretty awesome. Fr. James Mallon is the man behind the book Divine Renovation: From a Maintenance to a Missional Parish. 

Divine RenovationI won’t go into a full book review because I think the title speaks for itself, but I highly recommend any person reads it who really wants to do something to improve the culture in their parish.

Our signed copy!

Our signed copy!

It is super easy to read – I definitely have some lines underlined, highlighted, and starred for future reference. I definitely recommend this book.

What are you reading?

Sincerely, Mallory


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