Encountering the Idea

Cape Breton-1

Sailboats in Cape Breton NS









To dwell in the realm of ideas is far safer and less threatening than to encounter the reality of the idea.

– Fr. James Mallon in Divine Renovation on experiencing the Holy Spirit.

This quote really struck me from my latest readings of his book Divine Renovation (see here where I introduce it). Going to church can seem like such an ordinary part of my week that I take it for granted. Or while I’m at mass, I don’t truly dwell on what is really happening when I am there. If I did, would I not be overcome by God? Would I lift my hands and sing joyfully to my God? Or maybe there have been those moments when I have truly encountered the Holy Spirit in church but have felt paralyzed to truly express myself. Maybe I want to change that. Maybe I want to show God (and my community) how I really feel.

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Lighthouse in Cape Breton NS



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