Yummiest Love

Yummiest Love by Lisa McCourt and Laura J. Bryant is a book that I read to Joe almost every day. It chokes me up every time I read it to him. I keep borrowing it from the library…I might have to add it permanently to our collection.

I love your wild belly laugh

so delicious to my ears,

I’d do my silly face a hundred times

just to hear it again and again.


I love your scrumptious smell

when you’re soaped and rinsed

and squeaky clean,

and even when you’re not.

I love the snuddle we invented –

a cross between a snuggle and a cuddle,

but better and warmer than either of them.

Your snuddles are the best thing in my world.


I love our gentle, quiet times.

And the warmth of your small body

and the beautiful beating of your perfect little heart.


I treasure every memory we make.

Memories of special days

and all the days in between,

each day wrapped in the yummiest love.

I love all our tickles

and tumbles and smiles.

I love everything you’ve been

and everything you’ll become.


It seems impossible that I could love you more each day

but that is what happens.

You keep changing and growing and that will never stop.

All I can do is hang on for the ride.



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