52-Week Photo Challenge: Daylight Portraits

The idea behind this challenge is to use the natural light streaming through a window to create a great blown out background, while using a reflector to cast light on the face of the subject.

As always, Josh is my test subject. It helps that he is so attractive 😉



This was the original taken at our house.

At first we tried this at our house. But the window pane was too small, it was always in the picture! I achieved the white background through photoshop.

We decided to go to a newly built building on campus. It has so many windows…there is a lot of great natural light.


Our very cute spectator


On location in front of a large window. The first is SOOC, the 2nd is after a bit of touching up in Photoshop.


Our set up. The only fun gadget I had was my newly acquired reflector.


Yours truly!



3 thoughts on “52-Week Photo Challenge: Daylight Portraits

  1. Chelsea

    Oh I’m so jealous- first because I want to learn photoshop, and second because I want to learn how to use a reflector- these are awesome! Teach me your ways! Ina sidenote, you asked about getting dslr images on smartphones- I was confused for ever to but it’s so easy- I just use Dropbox. It’s free- and really really easy!



    1. MalloryBrisson

      Dropbox…of course! Thanks for the comment because I was just wondering what I should do for my next blog post – I will do a little breakdown of the methods I used for the reflector and post-processing!


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