French Toast

I married a french man.

Ok, so he doesn’t speak a word of french. Which I find quite humorous because his family, including his dad, are very francophone. I mean, with a last name like Brisson I can understand why people make assumptions about our bilingual-ness.

This morning, I discovered my husband can make French Toast. Like, he just whipped it up. No recipe. I’m not surprised. That’s how he always cooks, and it’s always amazing.

My poor housewife heart wishes I had the same culinary skill. Although, I am sooooo happy to have someone who is willing to cook.

He must get it from the french side. Although his Austrian side can power through a mean schnitzel. I eat very well here.


Oh by the way, we are trying to change the status of our french-speaking abilities from “can’t” to “can”.  Josh found this really cool, and FREE website/app called Duolingo. He has used Rosetta Stone and says this is better! Go check it out here.


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