Vintage Cookbook: Sudbury’s New Jewish Cook Book


I have a thing for cookbooks. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t even go to that section at the library because I will take sooooo many home. I just love ’em! I get so seduced by the pictures and day dream about all of the culinary delights I will make.


As much as I love newer cookbooks with all of their dreamy food pictures, I also love the home coiled ones that come from church fundraisers, with recipes from all the little old ladies who make all the baked goods that are served at the coffee socials. Um, heck yes I want to know all the ingredients to Miss M.A. Macdonald’s famous Dainties.

I also love those oldies because you are never quite sure how the recipes will turn out because they didn’t go through a “test kitchen” like the bookstore published. While an exercise in blind faith, I am always SO delighted when something turns out!


My grandmother was a bit of a cookbook collector, even though I don’t ever remember her actually making anything. My Papa was the one who did all the cooking, and I’m pretty sure he never used any of her cookbooks.

She passed away last year, and I am so pleased to have inherited her vast collection.


Up on the list of “successes” is this chocolate cake. My grandparents lived in Sudbury in the 80’s and 90’s, so while not quite “vintage” this cookbook is still exciting because its Jewish. How exotic! I know lots of churches put together cookbooks, but I can’t say I’ve ever come across one from a synagogue.




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