{SQT} Blogs I’m Following Lately

I’ve only been in the blogging world for 2 months, but here are some of the blogs I have been reading that have inspired me!

1. Love Taza – the first “mommy” blog I happened upon that opened my eyes to this online forum for moms to be….moms! They live in NYC and their family is ridiculously good looking. The way she blogs about her family shows the world that being young and having kids is something rewarding and exciting 🙂

2. Small Things – Her blog has such an earthly and old-soul flavor to it that I absolutely love. It was her weekly Yarn Along link up that eventually inspired me to finally take that knitting class I’ve been wanting to do for months. Her 9-person family lives in an old farmhouse on a couple of acres, and as of late she has been reading about raising goats. Sigh.

3. This Ain’t the Lyceum – Funny and charming, this mom of 5 injects some much needed comedy on the topic of motherhood. She also hosts the 7 Quick Takes link-up that has inspired me to write about 7 things on Fridays 🙂

4. The Sitting Tree – Her knitting projects and photography are absolutely dreamy.

5. Holland’s Reverie – Another “earthy” mum who showcases her charming family and their country home! I love her sincere blog posts – a great one to follow!

6. Hello Neverland – This one is great because she offers so many great blogging tips and ideas to keep things fresh

7. beth a-dilly – a professional photographer who shares light and airy photos, and also shares some tips and tricks!

I would love to follow more photographers – but I’m having a hard time finding good ones! Most of the time their “blog” is just pictures from their latest shoot. That’s all fine and well, but I would love to find people who share about their pictures.

What are your favorite blogs to read?


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