Board Game Tuesday: UpWords

UpWords-3Since Josh and I don’t have cable, no Netflix subscription, and only occasionally pick up VHS tapes from Value Village – we need to fill our time with something. Enter our relatively new-found love for boardgames.

We have both been drawn to the romantic notion of families who pass rainy days indoors huddled around a board game. It just sounds so nice to be able to spend quality time with people that does not include technology.

Scrabble on a Lazy Susan for easy rotation!

Scrabble on a Lazy Susan for easy rotation!

Growing up, my mom would always put a present under the tree from “Santa”, and it was always a board game. Those presents were never fully appreciated and after playing them once, they were relegated to their spot under the couch. I love my mom for wanting to create “Family Game Night”. But we were too caught up in sports and TV to ever take that seriously. As much as it pains me that I didn’t want to play them when I was younger, we fully plan to institute Family Game Night at the Brisson Household.

1980's TMNT game I got Josh for Christmas

1980’s TMNT game I got Josh for Christmas

One of our favorite past times is to browse the discarded board games at Value Village. We have found some real treasures that have included unopened boxes of Apples to Apples, Cranium, and the Game of Life. I have also found some beauty vintage games such as this 1970’s Scrabble game on a Lazy Susan and this 1980’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

UpWords-1But our favorite finds are fun 2-player games! We were super pumped to find UpWords. It’s a cool take on Scrabble in which you can change the words on the board by placing letter tiles on top of existing tiles.

UpWords-5UpWords-6We love word games because it makes us feel like we are keeping our minds healthy, while also having fun.

UpWords-4Josh won this one haha.


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