Contagious Joy

CalgaryTrip9th-4 CalgaryTrip9th-2One of my favorite memories from my latest trip to Calgary, Alberta does not involve beautiful scenes of mountains, a delicious meal at a restaurant, or really any notable surroundings. It happened as we were waiting to leave as my friend was visiting with her sister-in-law and her two little kiddies.

Joseph was sitting in his car seat. The little girl, almost three, was squirming and dancing as she was eating her snack. She started singing and dancing and hopping. She didn’t realize someone was watching her until Joseph started into a fit of giggles. She was obviously delighted, and started doing it more and more. Joseph almost couldn’t stand himself he was laughing so hard. CalgaryTrip9th-3 CalgaryTrip9th-1Wanting to see what all the commotion was about, her mom came out. This woman is vocally trained in singing and started belting out a tune she had just been teaching the kids in her studio. Well, combined with the animation in her voice and the bouncing and bobbing of the little girl, Joseph was beside himself.

Laughing at my little jokester

Laughing at my little jokester

But the best part was that his laughter caused everyone else to erupt into laughter. Pretty soon, everyone was laughing. It was such a beautiful, joy-filled moment, and I was so proud of my little nugget and his sense of humour!

Look at those little bottom teeth!

Look at those little bottom teeth!



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