Yarn Along: First Project Underway!

I’m joining in with Ginny at Small Things and Frontier Dreams. I’m happy to say that my first ever knitting project is well underway! I found this super-soft and luxurious yarn at Michaels a few weeks ago and knew that I had to do something warm and cozy with it.

YarnAlong-2Since I am a beginner, I decided that I wanted to do a scarf of some sort. I figured that this would be an easy project that might introduce me to patterns without being too overwhelming.

Naturally, I was drawn to hard patterns! I was drooling over scarves with intricate cables, but was dismayed about needing extra needles to accomplish the beautiful designs. I actually searched for quite a while to find something that was beautiful, challenging but not too challenging, and used the materials that I already had on hand.   weekend_scarf_mediumI found this beautiful scarf on Pinterest that used alternating rows of slip stitch and yarn over. I found these beautiful bamboo buttons and wanted to incorporate them somehow. I love infinity scarves and cowls, so I figured making something like that would be perfect.


On my trip to Calgary, I decided to re-read a book I’ve had on my shelf for the last 7 years. I could not remember the story, so I thought I would pick it up again! The Memory Keeper’s Daughter is the most beautifully sad book I’ve ever read. It is the story of loss, parenthood, and love. I found it so moving, especially now that I am a mom. I highly recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along: First Project Underway!

  1. Lilly's Mom

    This new yarn looks like it will be a joy to knit with. How fun to start a new project. I’ve not read this book but I know it’s been a popular read. Have a wonderful day.


    1. MalloryBrisson

      What a cool feeling…to start a project! I am excited to finish this…not only to have the finished product, but also to start something new!! And yes, the book is really fantastic. Super easy to read.


  2. ameyknits

    I’m visiting from ginny’s yarn along. I wanted to mention that it’s possible to cable without a cable needle. Google will help you find some tutorials.
    Before I learned how to do cables without a cable needle, I occasionally used other things. Once it was a plastic coffee stirrer – you just need something with 2 ends. You could use a shortened chopstick (shortened so that it’s easier to work with – you COULD use it at full length).
    I love cables 🙂



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