Our Adventures in Sleep Training: Day 2

Josh and I started our sleep training journey after reading the Sleep Sense Program. We realized our lifestyle was no longer working of having Joseph sleep with us in his bed and taking very short naps (20 minutes).

Our goals are to have Joe having good nap times during the day (2 naps that last between 1-2 hours), having a bedtime no later than 7:30 pm, and to have Joe learn the ability to fall asleep on his own, and to have a culminated sleep of 14 hours.

Here is where we left off from Day #1: he had just finished a 3 hour nap for his 2nd nap of the day!

Here is how Day 2 went down:

Bedtime Day #2

  • Started bedtime routine at 7: snack, bath time, brush teeth, nurse, cuddle
  • Laid him down at 7:30pm. There were a series of pickups when he started crying too hard, until he finally fell asleep at 10pm. He woke up very shortly after, but dad went in and patted his back and he miraculously fell asleep (Yikes! 3 hours to get him to sleep!!)
  • He woke up at 1am (3 hours…yay!)
  • I nursed him and he fell asleep until 4 am (another 3 hours solo!)
  • I tried to get him to go back to sleep without nursing, which didn’t work out at all…he was really I nursed him and he finally went down at 4:40
  • Woke up at 8:20am (another 3 hours!)
  • 9 hours of sleep

Nap #1

  • Started nap routine at 9:45: snack, nurse
  • Asleep by 10am
  • Woke up at 10:50. I waited 5 minutes before going in. I cuddled him and he went back to sleep by 11:15am
  • He woke up at 12pm, but he didn’t wake up crying! He chatted and played in his crib until 12:20 (there is really nothing better than a happy baby)
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes of sleep

Nap #2

  • Started nap routine at 1:50pm, asleep by 2:20pm (I totally let him sleep on me for a few minutes…I’m not ready to let go of the bliss of having my sweet baby nestled into my neck)
  • Up at 3:15pm. Tried to get him back to sleep but he was up!
  • 55 minutes of sleep

Day #2 total sleep: 11 hours 25 minutes


3 thoughts on “Our Adventures in Sleep Training: Day 2

  1. Chelsea

    Ha- I remember these times so well from my first go round into motherhood- sleep schedules seemed to rule my world. Funny to look back on it now, seems like from the third kid on its just sleep around the older kid schedules, whenever it can be fit in:) hope it’s working out for you, and you find some peace with a new plan!



    1. MalloryBrisson

      My world seemed ruled by his sleep before we started this sleep training thing! I was hoping this would bring some sanity back to my world LOL. It has in a large way, but I’m not really sure how I would do this with more than 1! I guess parents just have to take it one step at a time, one kid at a time eh?


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