Dinner with friends and Zombie Dice.

Two of my favorite things include dinner with friends and playing board games. This is exactly the reason why I love having people over because we get to do both 🙂

Zombie Dice-2 Zombie Dice-1 Zombie Dice-3When we were in Saskatoon, Josh visited Amazing Stories Comics while I was on bridesmaid duty and picked up this fun little game called Zombie Dice.

Its super fun, super easy, and super quick to play! Essentially, you roll 3 dice at a time. Your goal is to get brains without getting shot 3 times. It goes in rounds until someone reaches 13 brains.

Zombie Dice-4This is great with 4 people, but it’s also great with just 2 (Josh and I really love games that play great with only 2 players).

Amazing stories comics zombie diceOne of the best things about this game is that it has a pretty cheap price tag! I think he picked it up for 12$.

April-4 April-3 Amazing stories comics zombie dice


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