Celebrating Motherhood: Help from my mom (in heaven)

April-9So I know that my last post was about how awesome sleep has been going with Joseph over the last 2 weeks, but that’s not to say that there aren’t hard moments or days that he seems to forget how to sleep at all. Last night and today has been like that.

He was up 4 times last night! Then he “woke up” at 6 am this morning! He was sooooo tired. And cranky. And I “put him down” for his nap twice…but he was up within 10 minutes. By 12 o’clock I was feeling that pit of desperation.  I’m wondering if other moms get that? When you are certain that your child will never sleep and you will be doomed to this forever.

I know. Dramatic. But I just can’t help how I feel!

Over these last 2 weeks, there have been multiple moments where I have been so frustrated that this sleeping thing has not gone the way I thought it should go. And I hate to admit this, but my frustration is directed at my sweet little boy who is absolutely NOT trying to be bad at sleeping. He is just a baby! I’m pretty sure he can feel my negative mental energy. If there is anything I’m bad at, it is hiding my emotions. The poor little guy will often step up his cuteness at this point, which makes my mood even worse because who wants to be cheered up when they are in a bad mood?!

Ya. That face. Too much cute!

Ya. That face. He’s all like, “Mom I’m sorry! I just want to spend alllllllll my time with you. Forever.” Too much cute! How can I stay mad 😉

So, what has been my saving grace? Exactly that. Grace. I’m so thankful to have a mom in heaven, Mary, to pray for me so that I can have the grace I need to be strong enough to give Joe all the love he needs and deserves.

Paintings of gold and silver leaf with oil on canvas by Diana Mendoza.

Paintings of gold and silver leaf with oil on canvas by Diana Mendoza.

Hail Mary, full of grace!

The Lord is with you

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus

Holy Mary, mother of God!

Pray for us sinners

Now and at the our of hour death

And as I type that prayer, I can hear Joseph waking up from a 40 min nap….ha! Hail Mary, full of grace…..


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