The Blessing Of A Praying Parent

Through the mail, I receive daily devotionals from In Touch Ministries. They have been a huge blessing in my life…I so enjoy reading a scripture passage and then a short reflection. I find they are such a quick and easy way to insert prayer into my busy daily life.

The scripture reading and reflection for Friday, May 8th about Hannah was so wonderful for me to reflect on leading up to Mother’s Day, and has helped me to realize how blessed I was with my own mother.

Here is the reflection:

1 Samuel 2:1-10

Hannah experienced great sorrow prior to the birth of her son Samuel. Through that difficult time, however, she demonstrated a strong love for the Lord and a dependence on Him through prayer.

Samuel had a mother who loved God deeply. In fact, Hannah saw herself as the Lord’s handmaid, whose life was in service to Him (1 Samuel 1:11 KJV). Even when her misery was overwhelming, she acknowledged how important He was to her, and she modeled a godly lifestyle.

We are commanded to love the Lord with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30) and to give Him first place in our life (Deuteronomy 5:7). If we love God, we will make sure our children know about Him and understand the importance of a relationship with Him through Christ. Our lives, though flawed, will reveal the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Samuel was blessed because Hannah was a woman of prayer. After telling of her petition, which stemmed from misery, Scripture records her declaration of praise, which came from a heart rejoicing over God’s answer to her cries. A praying mother gives high priority to bringing family concerns before the Lord. I remember my mom kneeling with me by my bed to pray. I can still recall the phrases she used and the things she talked over with Him.

Children need committed parents who 1) demonstrate love toward both the family and God, and 2) help them experience the power and joy of prayer (James 5:16). Even one parent can make a powerful difference when Christ is the center of the home. I know my mother did.

My own mother was and is a woman of prayer. Some of my earliest memories are of my mom in her “prayer corner”. Long before I even knew what prayer was, I somehow knew that space was a special, an almost sacred place for her. I remember being impatient for her to take me somewhere, in which she would respond, “Just 5 more minutes” as she passed her rosary beads through her fingers. My mother is far from perfect, but if there is one gift she has blessed me with is her example as she brought all of her cares and worries to her Father in heaven. So in these days celebrating motherhood leading up to Mother’s Day, I would like to thank and celebrate my mother for being a praying parent! I’m sure I owe my own conversion to her sending up many petitions to heaven. I am also thankful that faith is now something we can share together 🙂 As I write this she is on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, and I’m sure she is praying for our family right now. Thanks mom! mw_jb-83 mw_jb-91 mw_jb-93


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