A Graduate!

Graduation Weekend-21I am so, so sososo proud of Josh.

This week, he earned his Masters degree.

What a long way he has come from that underachiever I met in high school.

When I met him, he had never read a book, was told he was not smart enough go to university, had been labelled with a learning disability, and was never made to feel like “school” was something for him.

But he began to believe in himself in college, and made it onto the Dean’s list. With that, he gained some courage and confidence. He did the unthinkable and enrolled in a sociology program at Dal. His first few essays had a lot of red ink on them (primary editor right here!). But my husband is the hardest worker I know, and pretty soon he was acing those essays, and eventually made it to the top of his class where he graduated with the University Medal and as an Academic All Canadian.

His professors loved him, and convinced him that he needed to do a Masters degree.

Three (3!) long years later he finished that Masters. Not only did he earn the right to sign M.A. next to his name, he also received a pretty awesome award. The Canadian Sociological Association gave Josh the “Outstanding Graduating Student Award”. So cool right?! I love bragging about him.

His parents made the trip from Ottawa to celebrate with us. We had lots of good food, and Joseph thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Grandpa Bob and Nona.

Joe having a snack with Grandpa Bob. Look at those little shoes...aren't they the cutest!?

Joe having a snack with Grandpa Bob. Look at those little shoes…aren’t they the cutest!?

Graduation Weekend-14 Graduation Weekend-17 Graduation Weekend-18^ check him out. Wearing shorts and Sperry deck shoes. So casual. Some things never change….


^ That is from out high school graduation. He has a huge grin on his face because right before this picture was taken our principle yelled at him to put the sash around his neck. Haha. What a trouble maker.

Graduation Weekend-20 Graduation Weekend-23

Oh my gosh. Baby feet and dandelions.

Oh my gosh. Baby feet and dandelions.

Graduation Weekend-27 Graduation Weekend-29 Graduation Weekend-30 Graduation Weekend-31




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