Halifax Greek Fest 2015

Greek Fest-4June was a great month for our taste buds here in Halifax! We went to Cedar Fest at Our Lady of Lebanon Parish one weekend, and the weekend after Saint Antonios Orthodox Church hosted Greek Fest.

I have to admit, with a little bit of regret, the only thing we did was eat and drink coffee. Greek Fest had other things to enjoy, like music, dancing, displays, and a gorgeous church. But we had only one thing on our mind, so we bee-lined it to the food tent!

Josh and I have been craving lamb lately (I think it’s all the Master Chef we have been watching). We were so happy to see that they had a lamb-sampler on the menu. We got that and a classic Halifax-style donair.

The Lamb Sampler

The Lamb Sampler

The Halifax donair“To the uninitiated, the donair is intimidating. First, there is donair meat, heavily spiced ground beef that’s shaped into a large loaf and roasted on a spit, then shaved and seared on a flat top range. The meat is placed on a thin, Lebanese-style pita and topped with tomatoes and raw onions. The donair sauce is an addictively sweet blend of evaporated milk, vinegar, garlic powder and sugar. The sandwich is wrapped in tinfoil and eaten out of hand. Kind of. As the pita has a tendency to sop up the juices and sauces, making the bread fall apart, donairs are best eaten over a cardboard plate and as far away from your body as possible.”

Basically, the best, most delicious, worst thing to eat for your health, ever. Josh and I love it.

The Halifax Donair

The Halifax Donair


Our view while we enjoyed dinner. The church is right on the Northwest Arm. Gorgeous!

Our view while we enjoyed dinner. The church is right on the Northwest Arm. Gorgeous!

Halifax Greek Fest 2015Greek Fest-7Greek Fest-8We also got to enjoy Greek coffee (also known as Turkish coffee). To prepare,  roasted and then finely ground coffee are boiled in a pot with sugar, and served where the grounds are allowed to settle.

The last time we went to Greek Fest was in 2011. We saw that they were serving coffee, but their method to make it was so foreign to us, so we decided to try it out. But, no one explained how to drink it. So we drank it all. Even all the little sediment at the bottom. Blech. We were excited at the chance to redeem our experience.

Greek Fest-10 Greek Fest-11 Greek Fest-12 Greek Fest-13 Greek Fest-14It was fun! We enjoyed our food, and would go again to try other things on the menu. I am also really eager to see the church, as I’ve heard it is absolutely stunning inside. They also had some bouncy castles and soccer set ups for the kids, so I think Joe will enjoy himself next year.

I can't even!

I can’t even!

Greek Fest-15


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