Josh’s Birthday

Josh's Birthday-1

Josh turned 27 on June 23rd….so this post is a little bit late!

His birthday was right after I had gotten back from my solo trip with Joseph to PEI, and after a very long work week for him. Normally, I would love to plan a party with all of our friends and family. Neither of us were feeling up for that; we just didn’t have the energy. Instead, we spent the day recharging and doing some of the things that Josh loves the most: shopping, playing boardgames, and eating.

Josh's Birthday-5

Our day started out with breakfast at a greasy spoon we had not yet ventured to: Mary’s Place Cafe. After reading reviews of the place (cheap, a one woman show, good food), we decided to check it out. It was great! One of the things that we miss from our days in Ontario that that breakfast normally includes coffee. We find that out here, rarely is coffee included in the bill. We were delighted to see that Mary’s Place had all of our bases covered for breakfast. It was indeed a one woman show…the waitress was also the chef! But everything came out fast, so no complaints from us. She also brought out a plate of eggs for Joe! It’s those thoughtful little touches that we really appreciate. It wasn’t anything fancy, just your standard bacon and eggs, but that’s what we love.

After that we decided to drive to Sackville, because we really wanted to check out a relatively new store, Cape and Cowl. We were greeted by an enthusiastic and super charismatic owner, Jay Cowl. We could tell immediately that he loves his job. And people. And youth. And literacy. It was so great to chat with him about the start of the store and the ways in which he hopes to contribute to the community. We definitely like to support stores like that, so Josh bought Ticket to Ride: Europe. (*side note: TTR is one of our favourite games, and was the first game I had played that was not one of the popular games you can get at Walmart. I became hooked, and how we have an ever-growing collection of awesome board games).

I love board games, because Josh loves board games. Look at him unboxing his new games. He is so happy and excited, just like a little kid. He is unwrapping Small World. I highly recommend it, its super fun!

I made him lasagna for supper, and Nanaimo bar for his cake. I thought I was being super clever and wrote out the “7” with candles, but instead of using 7 candles I only used 6…haha!

Josh's Birthday-7 Josh's Birthday-8 Josh's Birthday-9 Josh's Birthday-10 Josh's Birthday-11 Josh's Birthday-12 Josh's Birthday-13 Josh's Birthday-14 Josh's Birthday-15


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