Our Trip to PEI

PEI Visit-3 PEI Visit-4

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take myself and Joe on a roadtrip to PEI to visit my mom and dad while Josh was busy with a research conference at Dal. I was really excited to go, but also very nervous as well. I have never been a big fan of driving – I get really anxious. I also had no idea how Joe would do on the trip. He hasn’t been the greatest traveller these days. Ever since he started to crawl, all he wants to do is MOVE. He also can’t seem to fall asleep in the car anymore. All of those factors would make a 4.5 hour long car ride especially difficult.

It was. The car ride was really hard. To start with, Joseph, out of the blue, had an epic all-nighter. I maybe got 3 hours of sleep. I tried to time it perfectly with his first nap. But instead of sleeping for 2 hours, he slept for 20 minutes and screamed for the rest of the ride 😦 We took a few pitstops and I let him crawl around for a bit. It was really hard on the both of us, but we made it!


I tried not to set any plans for the week that we would be there, but to simply resolve to enjoy time at home with my parents. I’m glad I didn’t make a big itinerary, because we didn’t really get out to see much. We went to the park, and a few walks around the neighborhood. I am a little sad we didn’t do more, because one of my favorite things about PEI is how beautiful the landscape is. But only having one parent makes going out to do things seem really hard, and a lot of effort.


But it was really great for Joe to get to know his grandparents more. Being home so much, I also got to catch up with my mom and dad which was nice.


The car ride home was a bit better, but he still was not a big fan of riding in his carseat for extended periods of time. This was a great experience for Josh and I to try to plan our drive to Ontario at the end of the summer. Instead of doing one long 16-hour drive, we will most likely have to split it up into 2-3 days. Which I am totally fine with…I’ve always wanted to stop in Quebec City! We might even be able to stop into Montreal to visit with my Great Aunt whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years.


Even though we didn’t do much, I did manage to take a few cute pictures of Joe! He rode on the swing for the first time and I think he loved it. Also, my parents couldn’t get over that his favorite thing to play with was coffee cups. My mom kept saying we should go buy him toys, and I kept reassuring her that he doesn’t care for toys. She went out and got him a little toy phone. He barely looked twice at it. But those Tim Horton’s cups? Ya, we stocked up on those!PEI Visit-7 PEI Visit-12 PEI Visit-14 PEI Visit-16 PEI Visit-19 PEI Visit-20 PEI Visit-22


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