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Summers are for friends and BBQs

Marlena & Vicki-15I had two good friends visit Halifax last week. They are such stellar girls who have a unique gift of being super fun. This shows because a whole group of people showed up to have a BBQ to celebrate their being here. Even though we are 3/4 through summer, having these friendly gatherings have been sparse. I am not complaining, I am just saying this to illustrate how awesome they are when they do happen. Food, friends, and cute kids. What else could be better? Continue reading


Reading: Ru by Kim Thuy

Ru Kim Thuy

I recently read Ru by author Kim Thuy, another book on the CBC Canada Reads list. A couple of weeks ago I read And The Birds Rained Down, a finalist on the same list. Both books were stellar and I read them in only a couple of days.

Ru is the story of a young girl Continue reading

Uniacke Estate Museum

Uniacke Estate With our Nova Scotia Museum Pass, we decided to visit a beautiful estate that has been preserved in it’s Victorian era splendor. A little bit off the beaten path, Uniacke Estate is worth the drive if you love beautiful scenery and catching a glimpse of the early days in Nova Scotia.

Located along the Evangeline Trail, Uniacke Estate is the beautiful mansion that was once the summer home owned by Richard John Uniacke in the late 1700’s.RichardJohnUniackeByRobertFieldHe rose in acclaim as the Attourney-General of Nova Scotia, and as he established his family’s wealth Continue reading