Today was a good day

ZAU2X5SRN8Despite my little sleep last night, today was a good day. First, because it was sunny outside. I have become aware that often my mood reflects the weather. This can be challenging here in Halifax when it is often overcast/windy/raining. But today it was gloriously sunny, and fairly warm for the start of spring.

Second, because I had the car today, and Joseph and I went to a play group. I love getting out of the house with him and spending a couple of hours in a different environment. He is happy and entertained by the other kids, and I get to be around other adults.  I find one of the hardest parts about being a stay-at-home mom is that it can be quite lonely and isolating. Any chance I have to be around other people, I grab it. I mean yes, it can be hard to get “real” clothes on and it is a lot of energy to get Joseph out the door. But it is usually always worth it.

Third, because I made an awesome supper. I am not a “good” cook, although I try really hard. But today, supper went really well and it was really delicious. I just love eating good food.

Fourth, because we went to Walmart and bought some supplies to grow seedlings!! Over this past winter, I have become really fond of my house plants. Caring for them has become a life-giving part of my day, and seeing them thrive really lifts my spirits. I’ve decided to start a kitchen herb garden.

Josh and I both love cooking with fresh herbs. We have bought herb plants in the past, but didn’t manage to keep them alive and healthy for long. This is mostly due to ignorance and over-love I think. I am older and wiser now, as well as more educated (thank you YouTube!). Since caring for plants is something that gives me life, I am going to make growing these herbs a little therapeutic project. I’m hoping to get them started tomorrow. If I can manage, I will take some pictures and post the progress 🙂

Fifth, because Joseph’s first attempt at bedtime was a failure. But when he came out again, he gave Josh and I at least 10 kisses each. To get a kiss from him, let alone multiple, is a rare occurrence, so I soaked it up. While his late bedtime was mildly annoying, it was worth it for those kisses.


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