What would you do with a day off?


My husband left for the weekend for a beer-league hockey tournament a couple of hours away. He was so excited, like a little kid. A road trip with some of his best guy friends, cramming into a hotel room, playing hockey and drinking beer. I think that is an ideal weekend for most men. I am really happy for him. He works so hard and sacrifices so much; I think it is wonderful that he will get to have some fun and carefree hours.

Josh knew I was feeling a bit anxious about his trip and wanted to offer me a little reprieve before he left. He took the day off work and told me to get lost!

With the prospect of 7 hours of uninterrupted “me” time…I had no idea what to do!

It seems like before Joseph came along, I had no trouble coming up with ways to spend leisure time! But yesterday I was drawing a blank! I asked a couple of mom-friends what they would do. One of them said, “ANYTHING. I would do anything. Because anything kid-free is amazing.” Haha.

So, I got my hair cut, cleaned out my car, bought lunch and ate it alone, went shopping for a few spring clothes, and did groceries. It was honestly amazing. And you know what? It really did de-stress me. Days home with Joseph can sometimes feel so long. But my day off flew by, and it was the best feeling ever.

I love my husband.


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