My kitchen garden: growth

Kitchen herb garden

My seeds have germinated and are sprouting! I have to confess, I have no idea what herb these are, but I’m sure once they grow out a little bit more I will be able to tell! Growing these herbs is wonderful in one sense, and stressful in another. They add such a life-giving dimension to my (mostly) indoor life here at home. I am delighted to see them growing; new life is so beautiful to witness. And during these dreary spring days in Halifax, they definitely contribute a cheerful element.

But they stress me out! Firstly and most apparent is Joseph’s obsession with them. They sit on a windowsill that is level with him if I am holding him. He wants nothing more than to handle them and most likely destroy them. I wouldn’t mind so much if he wasn’t so whiney about them. Ugh. Nothing grates my mom-nerves so much as a whiney kid.

Secondly, what if they fail? Germination is easy, its aftercare that is tough. What if they don’t get enough light? What if I water them too much/not enough? What if I don’t transplant them well? It sounds so silly, but I worry about them! I would be quite heartbroken if they died.

Side-note: the cardboard egg cartons I was using ended up being duds. They got wet and disintegrated. I ended up buying these compostable crates that remind me a lot of the egg cartons, but more sturdy and meant for gardening. I am still using the egg carton lid underneath with tin-foil to catch any drainage.


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