Faith through depression

Psalm 61:2

Through this depression, I sense that my faith is being changed, that there is a certain kind of death that is happening. Thankfully I have hope that something new is growing. Over these last 2 weeks, I have been given hope through the words and encouragement of friends. I am re-discovering that fellowship really does lift us when we are down. I’ve known this to be true in the past, but in this new stage of life as a parent I guess I had forgotten just how important it is.

Some fellowship has come from traditional friendships with my girlfriends and bible studies. But I have received some tremendous words of encouragement from fellow bloggers.

I’d like to share some words that I have found have watered my thirsty heart. I hope this person doesn’t mind me posting them, but I think others can receive hope from them as well.

God knows your heart. His love is forever. He knows, and so you one day should believe, that this beast depression does not define your heart.

Gods grace is covering you. Now and forever. He doesn’t walk away even if we do.
If all you can say is, “Jesus” – it’s enough. He longs to carry our many burdens that come with our depression.

You don’t always have to have confidence. And it’s ok that you’re struggling with trust. God knows you’re suffering from depression. The feelings of guilt and despair are not placed there by God, but by a chemical misfire in our brains. That void you can’t escape is part of that imbalance. When you’re really struggling just remind yourself that you’re depression is not your fault, or the Lord’s.

When I really struggle I tell Jesus about all the things I’m thankful for. If I can’t find anything deep and significant I just say, “Thanks that my toilet still flushes. God, wouldn’t that be crappy if it didn’t?” God’s got a sense of humour too. Prayer is not something we have to do religiously like washing our face, brushing our teeth every morning. Prayer is just talking with our Lord. Whichever way that needs to be for you, do it that way. If you’re angry then tell him, as he already knows that about you.

The bible says he is all things. He is our counsellor, father, friend, lover of our soul, physician, and our hope when we have none.

Take advantage of all He longs to be for you, because He loves you.


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