Monthly Archives: May 2016

My green thumb is actually brown

May-58In April, I posted about how excited I was to be planting 30 little pods for a kitchen herb garden. And then I posted about how excited I was that they all sprouted! I had dreams of bountiful herbs accompanying some of my favourite kitchen dishes. My dreams were dashed as all but 4 dill plants wilted and died. “Oh well,” I thought, “I love dill!”. Then the dill died this week.

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Weekends and Key Lime Pie

May-42This weekend was a huge success for me because I got to count strike #2 for the Key Lime Pie that I want to include in our family cookbook! I am so excited about this, because this cookbook is pretty much all I can think about these days and I am so eager to have completed recipes to add to it. As I mentioned before, a recipe needs to be made 3 times before it can be included. And it needs to be consistently good. Continue reading