Our Family Cookbook

May-17This past weekend, Josh made meatball marinara and I’m not even kidding when I say it was medicine for my soul. As I mentioned before, the Plague hit our house hard in April. It completely knocked me off my feet. But by the time May 1st came around, I was ready to live my life again. For me, one of the ultimate ways to enjoy life is to eat good food. The type of food that makes you know that God is real because he made things that can taste so delicious.

When I told Josh that I wanted some soul food, he cooked all day and delivered big, fat, juicy meatballs slathered in a tangy tomato-y marinara sauce over a bed of spaghetti. *Sigh* I love him.

How attractive is a man in a kitchen?

How attractive is a man in a kitchen?

And that is how the idea for our family cookbook was born.

I am a bit of a recipe junkie. My problem is that I have recipes everywhere! In cookbooks, ripped out magazines, Pinterest boards, and on recipe cards filed away in a box. Often I will make something delicious, but then forget about it because it is stored somewhere that I can’t see it! I just want to have all of my favorites in one spot.

As I was shoving my face full of meatball, I thought to myself, “These are so amazing I want to die. He better make this again.” And then I thought, “Holy crap, wouldn’t it be amazing if we had our own cookbook, with all of our best recipes?” The kind that never fail to taste amazing. The ones you could make every week and never get sick of. The ones that kids crave when they go away to university. It could have pictures and detailed instructions that we have made sure are fail-proof? Yes, this is now my dream in life.

May-9I’d also like to preserve some of the recipes that have been passed on to Josh through his side of the family.  Throughout our relationship, he has spoken with so much fondness about his Mimi and Opa’s German cooking. I’ve had the privilege of trying it, and I can see why he brags about it so much. But I also know that it is so special because that food has memories and has shaped his childhood. In other words, it’s soul food.

May-16Josh has a really strong desire to learn how to make those German dishes so that Joseph can grow up with dumplings, spaetzle, and vanillekipferl like he did. What a gift we could give Joseph by documenting these special recipes by having them in a book to be passed down!

In no way to I hope to be a food blogger. I simply hope to use this as a space to document our compiled recipes and pictures. If someone else can enjoy this adventure, then that is just a cherry on top!

Josh and I agreed that a recipe can only make it into our cookbook after it has been made with constant results 3 times. I don’t have a magic number of how many recipes I want in our first volume, I guess I will have to look at different options for ordering custom made books online!


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