My green thumb is actually brown

May-58In April, I posted about how excited I was to be planting 30 little pods for a kitchen herb garden. And then I posted about how excited I was that they all sprouted! I had dreams of bountiful herbs accompanying some of my favourite kitchen dishes. My dreams were dashed as all but 4 dill plants wilted and died. “Oh well,” I thought, “I love dill!”. Then the dill died this week.

At least Joseph’s dreams of crushing and destroying the seedlings were realized. I figured at least someone should get some satisfaction from these little pods. And boy, did he really enjoy ripping those things apart!

May-19 May-20 May-21


I am disappointed. I was so excited to have a project in which I could nurture something and watch it grow, but also be rewarded by it’s growth with some delicious outcomes. I think the seedlings failed because a) my windowsill was too cold and b) I don’t get enough sunlight to really help those little seedlings along.

Disappointed, but not crushed. I will successfully cultivate seedlings someday. Even if it is 5 years down the road when we have a house with a perfect south-facing window. I will realize my dream and become a gardner. 

Until then, I am off to Home Depot to buy some beautiful, lush herb plants and some cute windowsill planters 🙂



4 thoughts on “My green thumb is actually brown

    1. MalloryBrisson Post author

      Haha thanks! Yes we are all about semi-controlled messes around here. Sometimes kids just need to get their hands dirty, and I am ok with messes that I’ve helped orchestrate 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. savjoke

    Oh no! So sad! If you have the space, there are warmer things that we use under our seedlings. *Le sigh* poor wee baby plants! But at least your kiddo had fun!


    1. MalloryBrisson Post author

      Oh really, what do you use under your seedlings? And yes, I will probably remember those little plants forever because of the happy destruction Joseph was able to reign down upon them! Haha!



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