The Best of: May 2016

May -63

We started announcing to everyone about the new baby!

Can you believe it’s June tomorrow?! I think I say the same thing at the end of every month: how did this month go by so quickly?!

How can I sum up May? Well, I think one word I would use is: baking. I did a lot of baking this month. This is a good thing, because baking means I am in a good mood and my life is going well enough that I can find the mental energy to follow a recipe. Josh always knows when I’m feeling great because there are always muffins in the house. Also, we decided that we wanted to make a family cookbook…so added motivation to find those perfect recipes!

May has been pretty fun too because the weather has been nice, which means more time outside. Joseph is at a great age for playgrounds! There is nothing I love seeing more than him enjoying the outdoors.

We’ve also seen friends a lot this month, going over for dinner or just generally hanging out. I am always a happy camper with good people and good food.

May -64

A prayer vigil held in North Preston, a town that has been plagued by gang violence. While I am very saddened at their losses, I was so touched by their ability to come together as a community.

May -65

May -66

My baking buddy. I believe we were making brownies 🙂

May -67

He started doing the most adorable thing! He plugs his ears when sounds get too loud! Making some Key Lime Pie. May -72 May-1 May-2

His little Addidas shoes kill me.


His little fingers!


May-6 May-11 May-12

Baking Nanaimo Bars.


Bed head ❤



May-32 May-35

Josh, in his element.


Josh in his element again!


A maritime feast! Chowing down on mussels.

May-51 May-52

He was fascinated by the campfire.



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