All is well (with my kitchen herb garden)

May -62

My attempt t growing seedlings from scratch may have failed, but I didn’t spend too much time being sad over it. I went to Walmart and bought some herbs for 3$ each. While I was there, I also bought 5 adorable glass planters. Over all, I am just so happy with them. Basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley and sage. They look so pretty sitting on my windowsill. Even though we live in a basement condo, we have such a wonderful big window by our kitchen. This corner makes me so happy 🙂

May -60

Fun fact: I went to PEI for the week to visit my family while Josh was away in Scotland. I set these little buddies up with water on the windowsill and hoped for the best. Well, a well without me did them well, they look better than ever (and definitely NOT dead)!

May -61

Our liquor cabinet/microwave hutch. I love those wooden whale bookends holding up my cookbooks. We bought him in St. John’s Nfld while we were there visiting Josh’s sister last summer. We dished out a little extra for them, instead of getting something tacky as a souvenir. I am so happy with them. I think they are one of my favorite items in our place! They just hep add to my happy corner.

We’ve been thinking house a lot lately. With the new baby coming in the fall, we have been fantasizing so much about moving into a bigger place. Our tiny condo is only 2 bedrooms and 850 sq ft. It’s not terrible here, but sometimes it can feel cramped!  We’ve looked at a few places that are within our price range, and for our money in this city, the best we can do is fixer-uppers. And even then, a house is still quite expensive.

On the other hand, our tiny little condo is so affordable and there are still projects we would like to complete before we leave. And because it is so small and we pay so little, we are able to save up for these projects rather effortlessly.

But home improvement is always on my mind! I am trying to be patient, and to love my space for what it is right now. It’s kind of a fun little activity, watching our savings grow so we can finally hire someone to come and reface our tiny little galley kitchen. It is so exciting every time a project gets completed here because it makes such a big impact!

I have to remember to take before and after pictures, just so I can remember how far our little condo has come since the time my dad owned it, and when we bought it from him 2 years ago. I hope to post some pictures on here as projects get finished.

But for now, I am so happy to spruce up my space with simple herbs and planters 🙂


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