The most perfect lasagna, garlic butter, and Nanaimo bars


For Josh’s 28th birthday, I was literally in the kitchen for 3 days straight, preparing food for him. He comes from a French Canadian background, so his love language is food and drink. His favorite foods include lasagna, garlic bread, Caesar salad, and Nanaimo bars. Plus, he likes eating them around a table with friends, talking with his hands and drinking alcoholic beverages. I love him, and I especially love when he is in his element, so I really wanted to make this the best birthday dinner yet!

The birthday dinner has posed a bit of a challenge for me in the past, because I come from an Atlantic Canadian background, where supper is served by 5:00 and is over by 5:10. Typically food is not complex and doesn’t take long to prepare. And it usually tastes that way!

But I have to say, I have been enamoured by the idea of “slow food”, so learning to cook in a more deliberate way has certainly been a labor of love that I’ve mostly enjoyed. I’ve learned a lot along the way, including the fact that a “birthday dinner” of this caliber should not be attempted in one day. Especially with an energetic toddler running around.

Three days before, I started the base tomato puree that would be used in the tomato sauce for the lasagna.

On day two I made the tomato meat sauce, the ricotta cheese mixture, baked one loaf of bread, and baked the desserts.

Day three was the second loaf, the garlic butter, the salad, assembly and baking of the lasagna!

I was relatively stress free, the clean up was done, and I could sit and enjoy our meal with friends. Ok, mostly enjoy, Joseph only wanted to go outside and play so I ran around after him so Josh could visit. Haha!June-34 June-35 June-37

The good news is that I am one more trial away from being able to log the recipes for lasagna and Nanaimo bars in our cookbook! Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!



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