The Best Of: June


June was a lot of fun for us. Joseph and I continued our trend of doing a lot of baking to fit more recipes into our family cookbook. Although, I’m finding it harder to spend so much time on my feet! I am just about to enter my 3rd trimester (28 weeks along already!), and I am starting to feel that familiar “full” feeling.  But, baking is just so fun to do with Joseph. He is always excited to help me in the kitchen! The bane of my existence right now is trying to find the perfect chocolate chip muffin recipe. I just want my chocolate chip muffin to be light and fluffy like they are at Tim Hortons. Is that too much to ask?! I also tried to make an ice cream cake for Canada Day that was a total flop, so I am adding that to my list of recipes I need to rectify. LOL.


Josh travelled to Scotland for business, so Joseph and I headed to PEI to visit my parents for the week. I was anxious about the trip, and my levels stayed high while we were there, unfortunately. However, despite some sleeping issues and dealing with his cranky mom (shocker, I know, I get cranky!), I think Joseph had a really great time. It was also nice that he got to spend some time with his Nana and Papa to get to know them better. And a bonus for me was learning that I can deal with, and survive, most everything! Take THAT anxiety! June-2 June-10 June-11 June-7 June-14June-9  On Father’s Day weekend I had a really great opportunity to head to a spiritual retreat for mothers. Just looking at this simple chapel brings my heart so much peace! It was a really lovely weekend that gave me an opportunity to rest, relax, and recenter myself through prayer. June-31 June-19

I am so so thankful that June had some really beautiful weather. Every chance we get, Josh, Joseph and I are out walking and exploring. In fact, when it is really nice, Josh shifts around his work hours so he can spend the best parts of his day with us outside! We are so fortunate in Halifax to have access to a number of lakes all within a 10-15 minute drive. And since the weather has been great, they are starting to warm up enough to go swimming! We’ve discovered that Joseph is definitely a summer kid, and is the happiest when he is outside. That is A-OK with me! He know that when I get the bottle of sunscreen out, it means we get to have an adventure. I got him these adorable light-up shark sandals that he wears all day, every day. I might have to go buy him another pair because he is going to wear them out! June-40 June-41 June-42

Josh turned 28 this month, and to celebrate we invited some friends over for a feast of his favorite foods. Lasagna, garlic bread, ceasar salad, Nanaimo bars, and drinks. He is always wanting to expand his alcoholic drink horizon, and he got to experiment with his new martini set! I think it makes him feel a little like James Bond 😉June-36 June-33 June-35 June-37 June-34 June-38

We have a tradition in Halifax that we host baby sprinkles for mothers.  A baby sprinkle is a baby shower for moms who have kids already, and are expecting again. I love sprinkles because it means we celebrate life, no matter what # they are in the family tree. It’s not so much about gifts as it is about getting together. Although, they are really nice because often guests will pool together and purchase a much needed car seat etc. My wonderful friend Jackie is expecting her 3rd child, so I hosted a little party at my condo. It was intimate, with just her close Catholic friends. There were no games, just food, friends, and a few gifts. We even had a chance to pray with her. It was so beautiful. Jackie and her family are moving to Ottawa when their new baby is born, so it was nice to be able to celebrate her as well. June-53 June-43June-47June-58June-59June-52June-56


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