The Best Of: July 2016

collage 1

July has been a pretty happy month! There have been a few low moments, but the overall flavor was good!

The weather has been excellent here. We’ve taken so many opportunities to get outside and explore. Canada Day with my family, beach days, visiting museums, swimming at the Canada Games Centre, trail walking, going to the corner store to get candy, trips to Wal-Mart. Recently at the pool, Joseph started diving in! He counts himself down and then jumps in! Like, fully submerged. It’s so fun to see him do that. I love the idea that he might love the water like I do.

collage 2 collage 3 collage 4 collage 5 collage 6 collage 7

We had a 2-week visit from Josh’s mom. We had fun with her for the first week, then Josh and I got to go away on a little 3-day vacation. It’s our first vacation alone since Joseph was born. We drove around to parts of Nova Scotia we haven’t explored before. We ate food. We drank coffee. But by the end of the 3-days I was so ready to see my Joseph again. The sign of a good vacation.July-42July-43July-49collage 8July-1

This year I followed hockey, and picked Pittsburgh as my team (Sidney Crosby is from here!). And they won! So when he brought the cup here, we definitely had to go. Hockey is pretty big in our house. I recently found a clearance mini-stick net at Chapters. Joe (and Josh) love it!

collage 9collage 10collage 11

Little (and big!) home renos happening. Josh worked at replacing most of our outdated baseboards. It’s amazing what a couple of inches of wood can do to a space. Currently we are prepping our kitchen for a cabinet refacing. We are paining the inside of the cabinets, and a team will be coming this week to replace our doors and to put a laminate finish on the outside. We are also replacing our countertop and sink! We are really looking forward to having an updated kitchen.

I thought my insomnia was going away, but it seems to be back again. Mostly, difficulty falling asleep. Or in other cases (like tonight) waking up after a couple of hours of sleep. I think this one bout is triggered by Joseph. Over these last few weeks his sleep has been really inconsistent. We think it’s teething. It’s not uncommon for him to wake up 2-3 times a night. I’m averaging 3-4 hours of sleep. I’m exhausted, and a handful of times over this past month I have felt that sensation of being overwhelmed.






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