Cute things lately

June-14A few weeks ago, Joseph got a pretty bad cut on his finger. Nothing that needed stitches, but he was bleeding for a bit. It took him a long time to calm down from being hurt, but it was the idea of me putting a bandaid on him that was particularly traumatic for him. We worked hard at convincing him that bandaids are good for bo-bos. But now he loves bandaids! The other day he had a big red bug bite on his leg and kept saying, “Ow. Hurt. Bo-bo.” And then he would go to the bathroom and say something along the lines of, “Bado-bada.” We had no idea what he was saying. Until we figured it out! He’s saying bandaid! So now anytime he sees a little red mark on himself he needs a bandaid for it.

Him being almost 2 means he has learned the word, “No”.  I’ve been really anxious about this stage, with nightmares of overbearing toddlers screaming NOOOOOO. But he honestly says it in the nicest way, most of the time. Almost like a suggestion. “Joseph, is it time for bed?” “Nooooo?” As he shakes his head no. So cute.

Anything that is food and round is an apple. Although right now he’s not so much into apples as he is plums. The other night before bed he devoured two juicy red plums. He pointed to a third and said, “Happle?” “But Joseph, you just had two plums! You can’t want another one!” “I’m honey!” Hungry. He’s started saying hungry.

Too-too (thank you)

Peas (please)

Juuuuu (anything that comes in a can)

Buppies (Bubble Guppies)

Dut (Mighty Ducks)

Watch (YouTube)

He is also really into cars. He has four big trucks and buses that he drives around. But lately, he brings them on our bed and drives them around up there! This kind of play is pretty big for us, because he hasn’t really been into independent play before. Today he received his first dinky car from a friend and he was driving it around on a big book I put on our bed. And the other day we couldn’t tear him away from the wooden train set at Chapters. This makes me delighted to watch him play. I know that imaginative play is just around the corner!

We’ve started using really short time outs for him when he does something he shouldn’t. Mostly it’s throwing things (like my phone, or an empty pickle jar), or hitting (it’s weird, sometimes when Josh hold him he gets a little spurt of aggression!). He takes time-outs really well, and when he comes out he needs to say sorry and gives kisses. He is so good at apologizing. A great life skill to have, but he’s almost too good at it! But I love those little remorseful kisses.


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