Day 2: Toddler Sleep Training


Watching him from the iPad. He looks so small in that big bed!

This is going MUCH better than I expected. Joseph did the dreaded wake up last night, but it wasn’t nearly has dramatic as I had thought. We continued to do the 5-minute check-in with our script, “It’s time for sleeping. Mommy and daddy are right outside. I love you. Night night.” After 15 minutes he was back to sleep. Then he slept until 8:30am! That’s 13 hours of sleep! 

Next came the nap. I was convinced this is where our luck would run out. We did a shortened version of the bedtime routine, and again, it only took 15 minutes for him to fall asleep. For the last 2 weeks, we have been doing his naps in the car. They would last a maximum of 1 hour. Today his nap was 2 hours!

For bed, we got him down at 7:30pm. Unfortunately, it did take longer tonight than last night, but the book did warn this might happen. However, he did not scream very much. And unlike last night, he would try the door handle, then realizing it wasn’t opening he crawled back into bed! From start to finish it took about 1 hour 15 min. Our one mistake was letting me do one of the check-ins. Consistency is important, and since Josh started the process tonight he should have been the sole person to go in. Joe got really upset when he saw me, but after that Josh was the one to go in and he quickly settled down.

My anxiety is way down. My little man can sleep and he is doing a good job! He wasn’t a “bad sleeper”, we just weren’t doing a good job creating the right environment for him to fall asleep. Hopefully my own sleep will begin to improve.


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