The Best Of: August 2016

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August. It’s gone already? Probably one of the most intense months for us this summer. So many emotions!

We managed, with a fair bit of success, to bring an almost-2-year-old on a flight to Ottawa for a family wedding. We bought a used Nintendo 3DS, a whole season of Bubble Guppies, new trains and cards, and a ton of candy. With the exception of take off and landing, Joseph managed to keep it together for the flights! Spending five days in Ottawa was no easy feat with a toddler who hasn’t quite figured out sleep yet. We totally gave up on naps, and either let him pass out from exhaustion, or drove him around in the car for an hour. Putting him to bed at night was pretty tough. I had to spend 1-2 hours in bed with him, until he eventually fell asleep in our small double bed. Josh and I would gather as much sleep as we could on the edges of the bed! However, there were some great points about Ottawa. One being spending so much time with Nona. She was really wonderful with Joseph, and even babysat a few nights so Josh and I could go out and spend some time together! We had a chance to visit the Aviation Museum. I was able to visit with a few friends. And of course, we got to see Josh’s sister tie the knot 🙂 All in all, the trip wasn’t terrible. However, we have decided we are on a travel strike as a family for the next little bit. The amount of stress we felt over this trip was astronomical. Both before and during. We love our home, our bed, and our money. We are staying put for a little while 🙂August Blog -01 August Blog -02 August Blog -03 August Blog -04 August Blog -05 August Blog -06 August Blog -07 August Blog -08 August Blog -09 August Blog -10 August Blog -11 August Blog -12 August Blog -13 August Blog -14 August Blog -15 August Blog -16 August Blog -17 August Blog -19 August Blog -20

My niece turned 6 this August, and most of my family gathered for it. I love when we can all be together! I went to the party solo because it was right in the midst of us sleep training Joseph, and we were definitely not about to mess with his nap schedule. Actually, getting Joseph to sleep in his big bed has been the highlight of this month for sure. The fact that my son can fall asleep on his own without being restrained in his crib is simply amazing. Looking back at my journal from the end of July, I was at my wits end about his sleep regression. Having a predictable routine again has done wonders for my mood. Perhaps now that he isn’t waking up at all hours of the night anymore my sleep will return!

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A couple of times this month we were able to take Joseph to the beach. He loves swimming in the pool, but would much rather play in the sand at the beach. I don’t really care either way if he swims or not, but it makes my heart sing to have successful adventures with him. I’m learning that we need to keep our sights on adventures that aren’t too lofty for a two year old. Short drives and short durations while there is where happiness can be found. Thankfully, Halifax is close to many amazing places to swim and play. August Blog -26 August Blog -27 August Blog -28 August Blog -29 August Blog -30

Lastly, August has been my most successful month as a photographer at Mallory Brisson Photography. Since January, I have done 21 sessions! My goal for this year was 25 so I am almost there 😀 It feels really amazing to know that people want to hire me. Not only that, but that people are happy enough with my work that they want to re-hire me! I feel as though my photography has improved so much over these last couple of months. This is from the most recent family session that I’ve done. I just love families!



4 thoughts on “The Best Of: August 2016

  1. savjoke

    Your month sounds so busy! A wild success on all accounts but you’re right that can be stressful! I know we are going to have to attempt a family vacation when the adoption is finalized and I am both really excited and terrified. I think I need to lower my expectations A LOT and think smaller. Toddlers don’t need massive trips to find joy in a family adventure! Great update post!


    1. MalloryBrisson Post author

      It is so true. My 2 year old has no idea that going to this particular spot an hour away to pick blueberries is special. He would be just as happy to walk on the trail by our house and pick wild blackberries!



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