The Best Of: September 2016


So, I have no idea what I did in September. Haha! I have pictures of us from two events: Joseph’s 2nd birthday party, and from when I was testing out a location for Christmas pictures I plan to do with clients in November. I looked back at my Instagram account, and it seems as though we laid pretty low this month. We did a lot of cooking/baking and playground visiting. This makes sense to me since baby #2 was due September 30th. It just seems strange to me because I usually log between 300-600 personal pictures a month…but September only had 100!

Overall it was a very good month. Joseph has been sleeping LIKE A CHAMP. I stopped working for Catholic Christian Outreach on the 16th. This was a relief to me, not because I was happy to leave the organization, but I was VERY happy to have Joseph’s nap time back. I was feeling so exhausted. I’ve been napping every day since then, guilt free. I honestly feel more well rested now that I have for the past year, even though I am 9+ months pregnant!

Joseph’s birthday party was a lot of fun. Since he doesn’t have many friends of his own, we simply invited our own friends to come for food and cupcakes. We rented a room at the Halifax Central Library, and it was beautiful! We didn’t work very hard at making it themed…we simply bought some Super Mario hats and moustaches. Life is too short to be Pinterest-worthy!

blog-11 blog-10 blog-09 blog-08 blog-07 blog-06

There is my boy! Parked at the candy station. Haha!

blog-05 blog-04 blog-03 blog-01blog-02

I’m not sure why, but I love this picture. Maybe it’s the lighting. Maybe it’s catching Josh relaxing after Joe went to bed. Maybe it’s the remnant of a ball hockey game between dad and Joseph. Our everyday.

I really want to try doing something called “Christmas Mini-Sessions” in November. Basically, I would book a number of families to meet me at a specific location where we snap some cute Christmas pictures that would be perfect for Christmas cards. I asked my friend Laura to make me some festive bunting (she brought her family to help me test it out). There are a few things I would tweak, but I love them! Plus, aren’t my guys the most handsome?! I’m not sure how I will feel in November, but I wanted to get some test shots done just in case I am feeling up for some photography sessions.

As for now, I am rather impatiently waiting for this next baby to show up!blog-1blog-1blog-2blog-3blog-2blog-4blog-5blog-6


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