The Best Of: October 2016


Things have been really quiet here for the last little bit. My only excuse is…life! I’d really like to start writing here again, because it is such a wonderful way for me to record my thoughts and memories. I’m finding time truly flies. I love going back to older posts and reading about our life.

The best and most exciting thing that happened in October is that my daughter, Elizabeth Rose, was born. She is truly a wonder. My labor and delivery was very easy as far as that goes. From our start at home, to her delivery in the hospital, it only took 9 hours. We were doing so well in fact, that we got discharged from the hospital on the same day!  When I compare that to the five days we were there with Joseph, I am so thankful. She is quiet and content, and seems to go along with the flow of our family. She sleeps like an angel. I think part of this has to do with the fact that we chose to bottle feed her. I know that the nutrients from breast feeding is the best for the baby, but I had a feeling that I would be in a better place mentally if we did the bottle. And I am. I feel great. We’ve had some moments when I’ve been in a bad mood. But they’ve only been moments. I am so thankful that depression hasn’t touched me so far.

Being with my family is really wonderful. My kids are the light of my life. Its true, two kids is really really hard sometimes. But I just marvel at them. Joseph is a really good big brother. He is gentle, and kind, and is always concerned about the baby. I don’t think he has shown any jealousy. Just love. And he has been so good lately. It’s true, he has his toddler moments. But he is so much better at communicating with us!

I just love looking at them. Their eyes, their little noses. Their soft skin and chubby hands. I’m in love with them for sure.

blog-27 blog-26 blog-25

Thankfully we have had so much extended family interaction. Who doesn’t love seeing a new baby 🙂

Some pictures I took of our new little Elizabeth Rose.

blog-24 blog-23 blog-22

Our first family picture!

blog-20 blog-19

My mom using our recipe book! We haven’t forgotten about our little project of making a family cookbook. We have been hard at work perfecting the recipes. We love cooking…it is so much

This is us at the playground, just two days after she was born!

blog-17 blog-16 blog-15 blog-14 blog-13 blog-12

The cousins visiting!

blog-11 blog-10 blog-09 blog-08 blog-07

Making potato blog-05 blog-04 blog-03 blog-02 blog-01


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