Monthly Archives: March 2017


We visited my Papa over the weekend, and I came back home with a pretty big gift. A window into my childhood. A video of a fishing trip I took with him when I was three. At dinner at his house, we started chatting about where his roots began, in the Goldboro area of Nova Scotia. It is fascinating to me, to hear about the childhood of my parents and grandparents. In an age where constant documentation didn’t happen, to hear them recount based on sparse memories is something to be savoured. Upon talking about his upbringing, he remembered that he had taken a couple of home videos in the early 90’s, when he and my grandmother travelled here to Nova Scotia. My family met up with them in the Goldboro area, where a couple of my Papa’s sisters still lived. My Papa, and his sister Carrie took me out on a fishing trip, and he captured it on video! Of course! I knew my Papa took lots of pictures and videos when he was able to visit with us, but I have never seen those videos! I was so excited and asked if I could borrow some of his VHS. He told me to go downstairs, and I grabbed the one labeled “Fishing Trip”. Continue reading