All that education…

Last week, I was pretty devastated to learn that I didn’t get into Dalhousie’s School of Nursing. They have changed their program to be either a three-year or two-year stream. The two-year stream caters to people who have university experience and who have some of the courses nursing students take in the first year. I have a kinesiology background, and I was excited to learn that I had all of them! Josh and I talked about it, and we thought that it would be a great idea for me to go back to school for nursing. But I got the unfortunate news that some of my courses would hit the 10-year expiration date (um, excuse me? I took anatomy and physiology 10 YEARS AGO?!). Unfortunately, I was not accepted admission. Apparently, the three-year stream is reserved exclusively for high school graduates. So, I’d have to redo those courses on my own, without the guarantee that I will get in next year. That’s just too big of a risk to take right now!

When I was in Kinesiology, while I absolutely loved learning about health and wellness, I knew that it would be hard to find a career with just an undergraduate degree. I’d have to use it as a stepping stone to obtain an even higher education, like physiotherapy or a Master’s degree.

When I graduated in 2012, I had dreamt that I could go into nursing, and hopefully many of my courses would count towards it! But missionary work, a husband and two babies later, I am now five years past my graduation date, and apparently, too old to get in.

It’s hard to learn that I won’t be able to use my degree. And for the time being, my dreams of becoming a nurse are over.

It makes me wonder… why did I even bother? I was in post-secondary school for 6 years. Was it worth it? For now, I am happy to be changing bums, getting snacks ready, and going to playgroups. it brings me so much happiness to be with my kids at home while they are small. I don’t regret for one minute starting our family when we did.

But what happens after, when my kids start school? I will want to work during the day. And even though so much has been invested in my education, I am not qualified for making anything over 15$ an hour (I’ve looked. Kinesiology jobs are not really a thing). I think my only option is to start all over. To go back to school and spend another $40,000. Sorry dad. Thanks so much for paying half of my way. I can’t believe you were so generous. I wish your investment had paid off.

Right now I feel mad. I feel ripped off. I feel like I won’t be a valuable member of the workforce when it’s my turn to go back to work (value=$$).

There’s my rant for today.



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