The Best Of: March 2017

Coloring a card for Grampa-Grampa and his cousin Craig. I just love his bed head, small chubby hands, and his still-round pinchable cheeks. Never grow up my love!

My sister-in-law made this pretty awesome cake! Craig has really gotten into hockey this year.

They were so good, letting Joseph blow out the candles.

My niece, making some pretty amazing photos.

Craig’s awesome puck-shooting station in the basement that my brother built!

My beautiful Elizabeth.

She absolutely loves her brother.

And he loves her! I’m a lucky mom.

Me, helping Joseph take a picture of me, haha!

Joe and his dad. They just love each other so much, and doing boy-things 🙂

We love our friends Cail, Josh, and Fitz!

Perfect little buddies.

Skating at the Oval with our friends! We only managed to get there twice this year, but Joseph absolutely loved it. The skates were only an hour long, and he wanted to be out there until the very last minute.

Me, always trying to prove I was there, haha! Little Elizabeth was so good, and fell asleep in her carrier.

I love this of my little man. He looks so little and grown up at the same time.

One of our best family friends invited us to a St. Patrick’s Day Ceilidh at our local parish. Josh was away on business, so I was a bit worried to do it on my own, but it was one of the best memories I’ve had. Joseph absolutely LOVED it. The music. The food. The friends. He spent the whole night dancing and clapping to the live fiddle music. My heart is still warm thinking about it.

I gotta work on my picture face! Haha! But proof that I was there.

We did a toy swap with some of our good friends, and Joseph was over the moon with this little motorized train set. He played with it for hours!

My sweet little girl. She is honestly so happy and easy going. I love her so much.

We have such good friends! Joseph as recently taken to running laps in the hallway outside our unit. I hope my neighbors don’t mind when we prop open the doors. He just loves running so much!



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