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The Best Of: April 2017

April showers bring May flowers! Baby showers, to be exact, and those little flowers are due any day now. I hosted two baby showers and attended one, so that’s what I’m nick-naming April: baby shower month.

I helped to organize one for my good friend Emily. I left the kids at home and headed out to spend some much needed time with friends – eating food and giving semi-legit parenting advice, sprinkled with hilarious and embarrassing stories about my kids.  Continue reading


Lower Base Shearwater Playground

2 Harvard Drive, Shearwater Nova Scotia.

In my opinion, one of the best playgrounds in HRM. And yet, I can’t seem to find anything about it on Google! Finished sometime in 2016 (based on a 2016 Google map view of it still in construction), this playground has most of the things on my ‘Dream Playground’ list. Multiple heights of slides, different levels of climbing aparati for various ages and abilities,  a teeter-totter, swings (and even an cage-swing that children of every ability can enjoy). Not to mention a rubber landing pad which makes it SO EASY for me to bring my stroller on. It also has a number of tables around the play area, perfect for caregivers to sit, and for kids to come back for a snack.  Continue reading

A Week Without Dad

Josh has been gone for 5 days, and we have survived. Actually, I might even say that we have thrived. A few rough patches, but the kids have been pretty wonderful. I’ve been getting to sleep earlier, and the early morning wake ups haven’t really been that bad. I’ve even managed to shower every day this week. Haha!

Monday we headed out to a playgroup run by one of my best friends. Have I ever mentioned how much I love playgroups? I love them so much. Snacks, toys, and other grown ups. I mostly love how little supervision I need to give Joe. He is pretty free to do whatever he wants, and I think it is so good for him.  Continue reading