A Week Without Dad

Josh has been gone for 5 days, and we have survived. Actually, I might even say that we have thrived. A few rough patches, but the kids have been pretty wonderful. I’ve been getting to sleep earlier, and the early morning wake ups haven’t really been that bad. I’ve even managed to shower every day this week. Haha!

Monday we headed out to a playgroup run by one of my best friends. Have I ever mentioned how much I love playgroups? I love them so much. Snacks, toys, and other grown ups. I mostly love how little supervision I need to give Joe. He is pretty free to do whatever he wants, and I think it is so good for him. 

Tuesday we hit our first snare. Joe has recently learned how to unlock our deadbolt, and will run into the hallway as we are headed out the door. Which has been fine, because he will wait for me out there. But on Tuesday when we were getting ready to go to an indoor playground, he decided to get a head start outside. Oh my heart. He was almost all the way in the parking lot by the time I figured out he was outside. I was afraid he was going to run to the trail; to get there first he’d have to cross the little drive. It’s a blind turn, and people can drive really fast. Thank goodness he stopped at the car, but I was a mess of fear, thankfulness, and anger. I told him we weren’t going anymore and had to carry his flailing body inside. I’ve never seen him more upset. If there is any kid who loves playgrounds more than Joe, I’d like to meet them. I hated threatening him with taking away our trip to the playground, but I wasn’t sure how else to get the message across that he can’t run outside without me. I went into his room, and we had a little chat about the situation. He seemed really sorry, and kept apologizing (gosh it’s so heartbreaking to hear him say, “Sorry mommy”) He did seem like he was sorry, and I thought the little episode got the message across. I met my friend Laura there, and we had a great time! She even offered to come cook me supper!!

Wednesday, we had another playgroup, and then we headed to a friends place for supper. Joseph was so excited for their trampoline, but I told him he had to wait until after supper. He was actually really good and patient, but clearly too excited to eat anything. Once he got out there though, he just went into a fit. He seems to have developed a fear of bugs. The Mayflies were out, and those things are the worst! Getting into your face and eyes and everything. He was so afraid he could’t even get himself inside. He was just so upset because he wanted to jump outside with the other kids, but couldn’t get over the bugs. The visit was lovely for me because I didn’t have to cook and I got to see my friends, but bit of a bust for Joe.

Thursday, was our third rough patch. We usually go to the library for a free program of singing and stories, but it was supposed to be mega-gorgeous outside (we’ve had a lot of rain). I thought we could head out early and go to a playground first. Well, Joe still wasn’t over the bug thing, so the whole hour was spend trying to soothe his nerves. The library program was really fun though, and Joe loved all the singing and dancing. I think he wanted to redeem himself, so we went back to the same playground afterwards, and I could tell he was trying to be really brave. All in all, it was a really nice morning. After nap time, we went out again to another playground. I love my outdoor kid!

Today, we spend the morning at, you guessed it, a playground. DeWolfe park has one of the nicest views in Halifax, and there is always about a million kids there. It’s also one of the best playgrounds for toddlers that I’ve found in Halifax. Did I mention that my angel baby, Elizabeth, is just the best little thing ever? She always takes a little catnap when we do our outings, and never really says a peep. Actually, I’m pretty sure she is sick. I’ve heard her let out a couple of rough-sounding coughs, and she has a little bit of a runny nose. But she still sleeps like a champ.  She is just the best little thing in the world, and I constantly tell her how thankful I am for her.

Also got word that our Mother’s day cards make it to the right destination. This is Nano’s art board! Can you spot the little handprint fish and turtle?

He’s going away again, two weeks next time. But I have so much more confidence now that we have this week under our belts.


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