The Best Of: April 2017

April showers bring May flowers! Baby showers, to be exact, and those little flowers are due any day now. I hosted two baby showers and attended one, so that’s what I’m nick-naming April: baby shower month.

I helped to organize one for my good friend Emily. I left the kids at home and headed out to spend some much needed time with friends – eating food and giving semi-legit parenting advice, sprinkled with hilarious and embarrassing stories about my kids. 

Next up: my friend Caro’s birthday. I really love any excuse to hang out with this family of 6. Joseph always has a good time, and always seems to come away with some new toys and jumping skills (their kids are little acrobats, and usually have a man-made jump pit in their living room).

Easter supper with our best childless friends: Josh and Cail. They have a fur baby though, so we always love to visit because Joe has a little playmate. Sad update though: Caileigh and Fitz just moved to Ontario. The job offer was still in the works during our visit, but it seemed like such a premonition that I insisted we get a picture together, her and I. Ugh! Friends leaving is the worst!

Joseph’s first Easter Egg hunt! He didn’t really get the whole bunny footprint thing, but he loved eating all the chocolate. The end prize was the big Kinder Surprise egg – he goes nuts for those things!

Easter supper with my big brother and his family. Joseph adores his cousins Craig and Alora. They are so good with him too, always trying to play with him and teach him new games. I absolutely love visiting with Chris and Janet. Their home just has something so inviting about it.


Elizabeth was 6 months old on April 10th, which means she can start eating solids. Nope. My girl does NOT like eating. Look at that expression!

Hosted a baby shower at my place! A bit of a different type of shower, as this was Gillian’s 5th baby! Josh took Joe out, and little Izzy slept for most of the shower. My little angel baby.


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