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Healthy Living Recap: September

September was a great month! I was able to get a decent amount of exercise in, and even managed to fit in some swimming and running (two of my previous loves before my two newest loves). My go-to exercises are still the 21-Day Fix workouts. I love the 30 minute videos! They fit so nicely into my day (when the kids are napping), and are still pretty challenging for me. I also try to get in 10,000 steps with my kids during the day, but that doesn’t always happen.

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Finding a balance

This morning has been a nice nice, because I feel like it was wholesome for Joseph and Elizabeth. I signed Joseph up for a little music and song class through Halifax Recreation and we went to our first one this morning. He really loves singing and dancing, so it was so wonderful to see him having fun and learning new things.

I’ve been reading lately, and a lot of it has been focused on parenting. I’ve discovered the richness of reading about different parenting philosophies, and I feel like I’ve really benefitted from it because it has allowed me to reflect on what I believe is important to our family. One of my friends is a behavioural psychologist, and she has always lauded the importance of unstructured free play for healthy development in children. She recommended the book, “Balanced and Barefoot” by paediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom. What an amazing read! Basically, the moral of the book is to let kids be outside because it is good for them. A little by little, allow them to have more and more freedom to be unsupervised. Continue reading

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash

I had to drive through Dal’s campus to get to and from Elizabeth’s physiotherapy appointment today. The sidewalks were jammed with students, as it’s only the beginning of the semester, so students are still keen to make it to class. I love the start of semesters. I love the promise they hold. Of new beginnings, the ideas to be learned, of being better, of going places. Had all worked out according to my plan, I was going to be a nursing student this semester. I was overcome with the thought of how¬†fortunate¬†they are to be students. How much I wanted to be walking with them. Continue reading