Monthly Archives: October 2017

Career Mom

Ever since I started university, and even continuing on into motherhood, I’ve often agonized over the question of what career I will find myself in. This isn’t new. If anyone scrolled through this blog they would find numerous posts that reference how this question has plagued me. I’ve felt restless about it in the past, as if I am in a hurry to figure out how to work 40 hours a week for the next 40 years. As if finding out what I’m meant to do to earn money will fill some kind of hole in me. As if all the puzzle pieces will finally fit together. As if it will finally help me achieve happiness.  Continue reading


Attempting to be slow

We had a parent and tot music class scheduled this morning for 10.  I decided to skip it. The decision to bail felt unnatural, yet so easy at the same time. Elizabeth was having her morning nap. I knew that if I woke her up, and tried to rush everyone into the car to make it on time we would all be cranky. I just couldn’t rush this morning. So instead, we took our time.

I let Joe paint while Elizabeth was sleeping. We used an old bouquet a friend brought over and used the flowers as stamps. He loved it! Eventually he used his paintbrush, but I really honestly did love seeing what he created. You know why? We weren’t in a rush to move onto the next thing. Continue reading

The Best Of: September

One of the most iconic sights in Halifax is Citadel Hill. You can’t miss it as you drive downtown, and its a huge tourist attraction. Funny enough, we’ve actually never visited in the whole seven years that we’ve lived here. I mean, Josh and I have both run UP Citadel Hill as part of running training, but that’s different. Considering admission is free to all National Parks, we decided to check it out!  Joe loved it. It was a bit freaky to have him running around on the fortress wall, but he did a pretty good job staying safe. I even managed to maneuver the double stroller up there. We stayed long enough for Joe to get a lolipop and to hear the noon canon.  Continue reading