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Dinner with friends and Zombie Dice.

Two of my favorite things include dinner with friends and playing board games. This is exactly the reason why I love having people over because we get to do both 🙂

Zombie Dice-2 Zombie Dice-1 Zombie Dice-3When we were in Saskatoon, Josh visited Amazing Stories Comics while I was on bridesmaid duty and picked up this fun little game called Zombie Dice.

Its super fun, super easy, and super quick to play! Essentially, you roll 3 dice at a time. Your goal is to get brains without getting shot 3 times. It goes in rounds until someone reaches 13 brains.

Zombie Dice-4This is great with 4 people, but it’s also great with just 2 (Josh and I really love games that play great with only 2 players).

Amazing stories comics zombie diceOne of the best things about this game is that it has a pretty cheap price tag! I think he picked it up for 12$.

April-4 April-3 Amazing stories comics zombie dice


Board Game Tuesday: UpWords

UpWords-3Since Josh and I don’t have cable, no Netflix subscription, and only occasionally pick up VHS tapes from Value Village – we need to fill our time with something. Enter our relatively new-found love for boardgames.

We have both been drawn to the romantic notion of families who pass rainy days indoors huddled around a board game. It just sounds so nice to be able to spend quality time with people that does not include technology.

Scrabble on a Lazy Susan for easy rotation!

Scrabble on a Lazy Susan for easy rotation!

Growing up, my mom would always put a present under the tree from “Santa”, and it was always a board game. Those presents were never fully appreciated and after playing them once, they were relegated to their spot under the couch. I love my mom for wanting to create “Family Game Night”. But we were too caught up in sports and TV to ever take that seriously. As much as it pains me that I didn’t want to play them when I was younger, we fully plan to institute Family Game Night at the Brisson Household.

1980's TMNT game I got Josh for Christmas

1980’s TMNT game I got Josh for Christmas

One of our favorite past times is to browse the discarded board games at Value Village. We have found some real treasures that have included unopened boxes of Apples to Apples, Cranium, and the Game of Life. I have also found some beauty vintage games such as this 1970’s Scrabble game on a Lazy Susan and this 1980’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

UpWords-1But our favorite finds are fun 2-player games! We were super pumped to find UpWords. It’s a cool take on Scrabble in which you can change the words on the board by placing letter tiles on top of existing tiles.

UpWords-5UpWords-6We love word games because it makes us feel like we are keeping our minds healthy, while also having fun.

UpWords-4Josh won this one haha.

Snow Day

They were calling for a big snow storm in Halifax (snowpocalypse?), so in anticipation, the city called in a snow day…the day before it even happened! I can’t ever remember that happening growing up in Ontario. Like, the universities called a snow day without even seeing a speck of snow. I love this city. So because Josh works for Dalhousie, he got to stay home from work! What a perfect excuse to stay indoors and do cuddly activities.

snowday-5Our activity of choice? Board games of course.


He beat me by two. TWO POINTS. Can you believe that happened the last time we played ?!

He beat me by two. TWO POINTS. Can you believe that happened the last time we played ?!


snowday-3 snowday-4


Rivals of Catan


snowday-6Josh won at Carcasonne and Quirkle. I won at Rivals of Catan. Dutch Blitz was interrupted by a saucy baby.

Snow Day Board Game Tournament: Winner undecided.

What do you like to do on snow/storm days?




Thrifty Find: Halifax On Board

Joe was having a hard day. He get really grumpy when he is over tired. But it’s so weird because then it’s even harder to get him to sleep. Sometimes the only thing we can do to get him out of his funk is to go for a drive or go shopping. Moving puts him right to sleep.

Value village had a little gem waiting for us: a Halifax version of Monopoly. It was apparently sold as a fundraiser for Bryrony House, which is a place of refuge for women and children. I think I will send them a donation.

Halifax on Board (6 of 6)

How cute are these player pieces!

We were so excited to get it home and give it a rip!Halifax on Board (1 of 6) Halifax on Board (2 of 6) Halifax on Board (3 of 6) Halifax on Board (4 of 6) Halifax on Board (5 of 6) I lost. It wasn’t very graceful either. In the heat of the moment I threw my money everywhere. Not my proudest moment.


The board before/after.


Thrifty Find: Scrabble

Josh and I have a slight addiction to board games. We especially love vintage board games. It all started around Halloween, when we found this amazing vintage VHS Clue game at Value Village. From then we were hooked. We go at least once a week and scour their board game section. I don’t feel so bad about it. For $2.99 that’s a pretty cheap date.

On our list of “must-have” games was Scrabble. Sure, we could have bought it brand-new in the store…they aren’t exactly hard to find. Apparently, 1 in 3 American homes own a Scrabble board. But we were determined that this was a game we could pick up at VV, with it being so common at all. Could you believe that we have never come across a board in our months of searching!? NOT ONE. That was until this week. We happened across a mint-condition board from 1977. It has a lazy Susan feature, and divots for the tiles. Genius. I think all boards should come like that. The divots are especially helpful when young hands knock the board…all the pieces don’t go flying!

We found this beautiful vintage Scrabble box.

We found this beautiful vintage Scrabble box.

I have a confession to make…I’ve never played a real game of Scrabble. My mom bought us Scrabble junior when we were kids and I might have played MAYBE 3 times.

From 1977!

From 1977!

I’ve discovered the beauty of Scrabble is that you don’t actually have to be playing all the time. Josh would make a play while I was sleeping. Then leave me a note to say it’s my turn.  I would play when he was at work. Etc.

Scrabble is most enjoyable with beer

Scrabble is most enjoyable with beer

But then it’s such a nice leisurely game to enjoy together over beer.

My first ever Scrabble game!

My first ever Scrabble game!

I’m happy to say that I won!



I’m excited to play many more games of Scrabble in the future 🙂

Sincerely, Mallory

Putting Away Christmas

On Sunday we put away Christmas. In the Catholic Chruch, the Christmas season officially ends when Jesus gets baptized. I love this because while the rest of the world packs up after presents are opened, we get to soak in this glorious time of year for an extra 3 week.

But, now it’s over, which of course means that we had to pack away our decorations. I am very sad about this – they added so much cheer to the condo and now our walls seem so bare!

Here are a few highlights from our first Christmas as a little family.

Misc Jan (1 of 11)


^ We decided to make our 1st turkey dinner. Notice there is no turkey on the table. Nope. It was not done in time, so we got to enjoy all the amazingly delicious side dishes.
Misc Jan (2 of 11)^ Look at those thigh rolls ❤

Misc Jan (3 of 11)^ Getting a special message from Santa.

Misc Jan (4 of 11) Misc Jan (5 of 11) Misc Jan (6 of 11)^ I just love the way Joe was looking at his cousin Craig.

Misc Jan (7 of 11)
Misc Jan (9 of 11)^ Our favorite boardgame! We got Ticket to Ride for Christmas and we play it at least 3 times a week.

Misc Jan (10 of 11) Misc Jan (11 of 11)^ Josh, the hoarder. Scores big points at the end of the game!

Joe January (1 of 2) Joe January (2 of 2)

Misc Jan (1 of 15)

^ I found a vintage 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game at Value Village and gave it to Josh for Christmas. Turns out him and his brother had the exact same game when they were kids!Misc Jan (2 of 15)

^ Donatello – he’s my main main!Misc Jan (3 of 15)

Misc Jan (7 of 15)

Misc Jan (4 of 15) Misc Jan (8 of 15)

^ The ridiculous dice flinger. One of the best & worst parts of the game.

Misc Jan (6 of 15)^ Josh celebrating getting the dice flinger. But I won the game 😉

Misc Jan (9 of 15)

^ Fr. James Mallon giving a homily on Christmas morning at our church.Misc Jan (11 of 15)

Misc Jan (10 of 15)^ Joe listening to Fr. James!

Misc Jan (12 of 15) Misc Jan (13 of 15)
Misc Jan (14 of 15)

Misc Jan (15 of 15)^ Our Lady of Guadeloupe USB skateboard. Awesome stocking stuffer 🙂

Misc Jan (8 of 11) Happy birthday Baby Jesus!

Sincerely, Mallory