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Recipe #3: Angie’s Maple Curry Chicken | The Brisson Family Cookbook

August-7This recipe came to us because we were excitedly telling our friends about how we are working on making a family cookbook. “Well,” said my friend, “You need to come over and try Angie’s maple curry chicken. It’s the best, and it will definitely make it into your book.” Continue reading


The most perfect lasagna, garlic butter, and Nanaimo bars


For Josh’s 28th birthday, I was literally in the kitchen for 3 days straight, preparing food for him. He comes from a French Canadian background, so his love language is food and drink. His favorite foods include lasagna, garlic bread, Caesar salad, and Nanaimo bars. Plus, he likes eating them around a table with friends, talking with his hands and drinking alcoholic beverages. I love him, and I especially love when he is in his element, so I really wanted to make this the best birthday dinner yet! Continue reading

Recipe #2: Classic Bran Muffins | The Brisson Family Cookbook

Classic Bran Muffins

I know bran muffins aren’t everybody’s thing. Plus there is the added debate about raisins or no raisins. Personally, I love bran muffins. With raisins. It is so comforting to bite into a warm, soft, pillowy muffin with a hint of sweetness. Mm!!

So here is my 2nd official recipe for our family cookbook…a good ol’ classic bran muffin. These are pretty perfect. Believe me. Even my husband approves! Continue reading

Recipe #1 Key Lime Pie | The Brisson Family Cookbook

Key Lime Pie

My first official entry into our Brisson Family Cookbook is……Key Lime Pie!

While these chocolate chip cookies are the winner for 1st recipe to have been made successfully 3 times, they get eaten so quickly that I haven’t been able to take a good picture of them! So, Key Lime Pie wins as first official entry 🙂 Continue reading

Weekends and Key Lime Pie

May-42This weekend was a huge success for me because I got to count strike #2 for the Key Lime Pie that I want to include in our family cookbook! I am so excited about this, because this cookbook is pretty much all I can think about these days and I am so eager to have completed recipes to add to it. As I mentioned before, a recipe needs to be made 3 times before it can be included. And it needs to be consistently good. Continue reading

Josh’s Birthday

Josh's Birthday-1

Josh turned 27 on June 23rd….so this post is a little bit late!

His birthday was right after I had gotten back from my solo trip with Joseph to PEI, and after a very long work week for him. Normally, I would love to plan a party with all of our friends and family. Neither of us were feeling up for that; we just didn’t have the energy. Instead, we spent the day recharging and doing some of the things that Josh loves the most: shopping, playing boardgames, and eating. Continue reading