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All is well (with my kitchen herb garden)

May -62

My attempt t growing seedlings from scratch may have failed, but I didn’t spend¬†too much time being sad over it. I went to Walmart and bought some herbs for 3$ each. While I was there, I also bought 5 adorable glass planters. Over all, I am just so happy with them. Basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley and sage. They look so pretty sitting on my windowsill. Even though we live in a basement condo, we have such a wonderful big window by our kitchen. This corner makes me so happy ūüôā Continue reading


My green thumb is actually brown

May-58In April, I posted about how excited I was to be planting 30 little pods for¬†a kitchen herb garden.¬†And then I posted about how excited I was that they all sprouted! I had dreams of bountiful herbs accompanying some¬†of my favourite kitchen dishes. My dreams were dashed as all but 4 dill plants wilted and died. “Oh well,” I thought, “I love dill!”. Then the dill died this week.

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