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Day 2: Toddler Sleep Training


Watching him from the iPad. He looks so small in that big bed!

This is going MUCH better than I expected. Joseph did the dreaded wake up last night, but it wasn’t nearly has dramatic as I had thought. We continued to do the 5-minute check-in with our script, “It’s time for sleeping. Mommy and daddy are right outside. I love you. Night night.” After 15 minutes he was back to sleep. Then he slept until 8:30am! That’s 13 hours of sleep!  Continue reading


A new round of “sleep training”

But they are so CUTE when they are sleeping. It makes you forget how psychotic they were just minutes ago.

But they are so CUTE when they are sleeping. It makes you forget how psychotic they were just minutes ago.

I didn’t know sleep regressions were a thing until I was frantically Googling why my baby couldn’t sleep and found out that kids can go backwards. How cruel! Who designed babies to be this way?! And it’s not just a baby thing. Sleep regressions last into toddlerhood! Pair that with a mini-gymnast, and you have one hell of a rough ride ahead of you. I feel like I am obsessed with sleep between Joseph’s craziness and my own.  Continue reading


Ugggggghhhhhhhh. Why? WHY.

It’s 2:50 am.  I am “getting up” at 5 for our flight to Ottawa. WHY AM I AWAKE RIGHT NOW?!

Possible reasons:

  • I have to pee every 2 seconds
  • I am flying tomorrow with a 23 month old
  • I watched Canada win a bronze in swimming right before bed
  • Heart burn
  • Currently sharing the bed with my toddler and husband
  • Sore hips
  • Baby inside won’t stop moving

I just, want to sleep.

The Best Of: July 2016

collage 1

July has been a pretty happy month! There have been a few low moments, but the overall flavor was good!

The weather has been excellent here. We’ve taken so many opportunities to get outside and explore. Canada Day with my family, beach days, visiting museums, swimming at the Canada Games Centre, trail walking, going to the corner store to get candy, trips to Wal-Mart. Recently at the pool, Joseph started diving in! He counts himself down and then jumps in! Like, fully submerged. It’s so fun to see him do that. I love the idea that he might love the water like I do. Continue reading

My Kid is Plugged In

0SP70JWWOKLast week, I cried over an anticipated trip to Wal-Mart.

For the first 20 months of his life, Joseph could have cared less about screen time. I was always so proud of this! Over time, he started to love watching home videos on our phone. In the last 2 months, Joseph has really taken a liking to screen time. YouTube “fail” videos (we like harmless ones with kids), Bubble Guppies, and the Mighty Ducks series. I’m not sure how it happened, but screen time has progressed and it seems like something is always on.

Continue reading

A mom retreat

June-30During Father’s Day weekend, I had a really great opportunity to go away for a mother’s retreat. I know it’s a bit ironic that I did this during Father’s Day weekend, but I really do think that having a good mental space is a gift to my husband. I also didn’t feel so bad since Josh absolutely loves 1-on-1 time with Joseph 🙂 Continue reading

My trip to PEI (not as bad as I thought)


In my head I had it worked out that Joseph would scream for the entire 4-hour car ride to PEI and back, he would never sleep during our trip, I would go a little nuts from being the primary caregiver for an entire week, we wouldn’t have any fun, and I would largely regret my decision to take Joseph to PEI while Josh was away for work.

Anxiety sucks. Continue reading