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Uniacke Estate Museum

Uniacke Estate With our Nova Scotia Museum Pass, we decided to visit a beautiful estate that has been preserved in it’s Victorian era splendor. A little bit off the beaten path, Uniacke Estate is worth the drive if you love beautiful scenery and catching a glimpse of the early days in Nova Scotia.

Located along the Evangeline Trail, Uniacke Estate is the beautiful mansion that was once the summer home owned by Richard John Uniacke in the late 1700’s.RichardJohnUniackeByRobertFieldHe rose in acclaim as the Attourney-General of Nova Scotia, and as he established his family’s wealth Continue reading


Our Trip to PEI

PEI Visit-3 PEI Visit-4

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take myself and Joe on a roadtrip to PEI to visit my mom and dad while Josh was busy with a research conference at Dal. I was really excited to go, but also very nervous as well. I have never been a big fan of driving – I get really anxious. I also had no idea how Joe would do on the trip. He hasn’t been the greatest traveller these days. Ever since he started to crawl, all he wants to do is MOVE. He also can’t seem to fall asleep in the car anymore. All of those factors would make a 4.5 hour long car ride especially difficult. Continue reading

Josh’s Birthday

Josh's Birthday-1

Josh turned 27 on June 23rd….so this post is a little bit late!

His birthday was right after I had gotten back from my solo trip with Joseph to PEI, and after a very long work week for him. Normally, I would love to plan a party with all of our friends and family. Neither of us were feeling up for that; we just didn’t have the energy. Instead, we spent the day recharging and doing some of the things that Josh loves the most: shopping, playing boardgames, and eating. Continue reading

Halifax Greek Fest 2015

Greek Fest-4June was a great month for our taste buds here in Halifax! We went to Cedar Fest at Our Lady of Lebanon Parish one weekend, and the weekend after Saint Antonios Orthodox Church hosted Greek Fest.

I have to admit, with a little bit of regret, the only thing we did was eat and drink coffee. Greek Fest had other things to enjoy, Continue reading

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day-3 Canada Day-11This was our first Canada with Joseph here in person! It got off to a fairly rough start. For apparently no reason whatsoever, Joseph decided that he was not into sleep last night. He actually went down without any effort at 7, but at 12, he was up until 6! Needless to say, my aspirations to a day full of fun Canada Day activities was not to be had!

But we did manage to make it out to our dear friend’s place for a BBQ. We made it here last year as well, and Joseph was still 2 month’s from being born!

We have good friends who have 3 little girls of their own, and they absolutely love Joe, the oldest one especially. She spent the whole time holding him, feeding him, and dancing with him. In fact, she gave him his first taste of cake ever! It was the absolute cutest thing. I’m not too sure how he felt about all the attention, but he went along with it anyways! I’m sure in a few years he is going to be begging us to to go over to their house 😉

Right at the end of the BBQ, the beautiful weather deteriorated quickly and started to rain! We brought Joe home and we all had a good nap 🙂

Since he is too young for fireworks, we weren’t too disappointed with the poor weather. We are very content to stay in and read, snug and dry, while it rains outside. Here are some more pictures from today. As usual, I forgot to get myself in one of them! Oh well, ’tis the misfortune of the photographer!

Twinkie or Joe Louis!?

Twinkie or Joe Louis!?



Dad enjoying a Twinkie

Dad enjoying a Twinkie

Canada Day-10 Canada Day-12 Canada Day-13 Canada Day-14 Canada Day-15 Canada Day-18

Doors Open Halifax 2015

Doors Open Halifax

Three years ago, Halifax started this really great new event called Doors Open Halifax. According to their website, “The mandate of Doors Open Halifax is to make available to the general public, free access to buildings of historical, contemporary or architectural significance and to generate interest in our built environment.” 

This year, there were 30 venues all over Halifax that opened their doors to the public! Josh and I didn’t have time to see many of them, but there was one in particular that I was really excited about: Beth Israel Synagogue.

Josh’s work is right next to this synagogue, and I’ve always been curious about it. I love seeing and visiting different places of worship, especially non-Catholic ones. There is something so intriguing how others worship and honour God!Doors Open Halifax Beth Israel SynagogueDoors Open Halifax Beth Israel Synagogue
Upon entering, Josh had to wear a Kippah, the black covering on top of his head. We were greeted very warmly and enthusiastically by their volunteers, and they were excited that we had come to visit their community. They led us through a tour of their two beautiful stained glass windows, the sanctuary, and their smaller prayer chapel. It was clear that they take great pride in their synagogue. Doors Open Halifax Beth Israel SynagogueDoors Open Halifax Beth Israel Synagogue

The main sanctuary. It was so cool to see it, because it doesn’t look much different than any other church. This makes sense to me, since the Catholic tradition is built off of the Jewish faith. Doors Open Halifax Beth Israel Synagogue

A volunteer showing us their prayer and hymn books, written in Hebrew that they use in the smaller prayer chapel. Doors Open-6Doors Open-7

One of their stained glass windows that depicts the history of the Jewish people.Doors Open-8
Doors Open Halifax Beth Israel SynagogueDoors Open-11Doors Open Halifax Beth Israel SynagogueDoors Open-12

A clock with Hebrew letters!Doors Open-14The second stained glass windows that shows all of the important holidays and traditions in their church calendar.

What a great event. I am so excited for next year, to visit more of the venues offered. I am so thankful to Beth Israel for opening their doors to us to visit their wonderful community.


Halifax Cedar Festival 2015

Cedar Festival Halifax

I love the summer here in Halifax, there is so much to do! I know it isn’t quite as busy and active as some  bigger cities like Toronto or Vancouver, but there is always something to do in the city during these precious warm months.

A couple of weekends ago, the annual Lebanese festival happened. It was held at Our Lady of Lebanon Parish, and the main drawing feature was, of course, the food.

Josh and I both lived in Ottawa for a while, where one doesn’t have to go far to fine shawarma, a Lebanese street food. Shaved meat, garlic sauce, pickled turnip, onion, and lettuce all on a warm pita bread. I could eat one everyday.

Cedar fest definitely had shawarma on the menu, but we wanted branch out and try something new. Enter mankouche.

Cedar Festival Halifax


Mankouche za’atar is a savoury arabic treat that consists of  baked flatbread with a  topping of  olive oil, thyme and sesame seeds. Its folded up and eaten like a pita. New comfort food? I think so. Cedar Festival Halifax mankouche zaatarCedar Festival Halifax mankouche zaatarCedar Festival-12
Cedar Festival-14

So not only was the food delicious, but it was handmade by a number of volunteers from this parish. This one right here? She is the one who made ours and hand delivered it while gushing over Joe. To me, not only is the taste of the food important but the experience of the food. Cedar Festival Halifax baklawa nammouraOh, and I can’t forget about the dessert. Baklava (phyllo pastry, butter, chopped nuts, sugar syrup) and Nammoura (wheatlets, sugar, butter, milk, baking powder). My grandmother on my dad’s side was Armenian, so I grew up with home made Baklava, which is probably one of my favourite desserts of all time. I need to learn how to make it!!!
Cedar Festival-16

We were enjoying our food and we heard all of this commotion. Four Range Rovers drove in, people started running and a crowd started to form. People were going crazy taking pictures and there were cops doing crowd control. I figured it must of been some sort of Lebanese celebrity. Turns out it was the Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gebran Bassil. I thought it was pretty interesting how famous he seemed. I don;t think we have the same reaction to politicians here 😉
Cedar Festival-10Cedar Festival-11We enjoyed our visit. It was free to get in and we paid about 8$ for our food (Mankouche Za’atar, and 3 pastries), which we weren’t upset about. The grounds are fairly small (the church parking lot), so there wasn’t a whole lot to see. I didn’t see any activities for kids, although we went on Friday evening so they may have had something during Saturday and Sunday.

It was something different for us to do, while satisfying our taste buds. It also is a fundraiser for Our Lady of Lebanon Parish, so we are happy to support it. I would definitely go again!

Cedar Festival Halifax, Our Lady of Lebanon Parish Halifax Cedar Festival-7 Cedar Festival-6 Cedar Festival-5 Cedar Festival-4 Cedar Festival-3 Cedar Festival-2